Paying it Forward - 2011 Profiles

Douglas H.


Back in 1999, Douglas started his educational journey with University of Phoenix. “In 1999, I was serving in the Air Force and had a burning desire to complete a bachelor’s degree. I learned that University of Phoenix had a campus in a neighboring city. In 2001, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the Utah Campus,” reflects Douglas. Five years later, he decided to get his master’s degree in Business. He made a goal to earn an A in every class. “My job performance dramatically improved after gaining better writing skills, critical thinking and an enhanced business vocabulary. An MBA coupled with a bachelor’s in Accounting has enabled me to be more successful in my career,” he says. Douglas would like to pay forward his education to Darin, a friend for 20 years and brother-in-law. “Darin exemplifies the qualities of hard work, integrity, concern for others and solid leadership,” Douglas explains. “Many lives have been influenced for the better because of his service, and I believe many more will be.”

Darin A.

Recipient – Enoch, UT

Darin would like to earn his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration/Management through the Paying it Forward® Scholarship. “This opportunity came at the perfect time as I was researching educational opportunities to advance my career and personal development. I currently serve as a lieutenant with a rural police department,” he explains. Darin has 23 officers in his chain of command and would like to eventually progress into the ranks of police administration as Chief of Police. “This educational opportunity will provide me with the additional tools I need to ensure continuing success for myself — and by extension, my fellow officers and staff. I have a great passion for public safety and for empowering those around me to produce effective results and, in turn, have a fulfilling career.” More than 16 years ago, Darin earned his associate degree. He got busy with his career and family, and finishing a bachelor’s degree became a distant idea. Darin will now get a chance to finish that degree, thanks to Douglas for paying it forward.

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