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Aileen W.

Aileen W.

Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Dayton, WA

Scholarship: Western Chapter of Snowmobile Associations Scholarship



Why do you want to become a Phoenix? What does being a Phoenix mean to you?

The opportunity to attend school while continuing my daily life as a dryland wheat farmer's wife is the only way it can happen. University of Phoenix has provided an incredible way for me to complete my bachelor's degree and live in the very rural area that I do. My experience with the University has been amazing! I have enjoyed a journey second to none and could never have imagined it would be this enriching and enjoyable!

How did you find the scholarship you received? What steps did you take?

I have been blessed to win four scholarships: the C.J. Ramstad Memorial Scholarship award from the International Snowmobile Media Council; the Washington State Snowmobile Association Scholarship; the Spokane Winter Knights Snowmobile Club Scholarship; and the Western Chapter of Snowmobile Associations Scholarship. 

My husband and I have been deeply involved in the organized snowmobiling world for 20 years, where we have volunteered and worked to promote responsible wintertime motorized recreational opportunities. Within the snowmobiling community, many, many generous hearts wish to contribute to making the world a better place. These clubs and organizations work diligently to encourage students to pursue and continue their education by offering opportunities for scholarships.

The clubs, associations and organizations regularly promote their scholarship opportunities on their websites, in print publications and at organized meetings. I determined which scholarship opportunities pertained to my circumstances, requested and downloaded the requirements, and carefully followed the instructions given for each application.

What is your advice to other students who are looking for scholarships?

Take time to apply for scholarships. You never know ... you just might win! When you have the scholarship criteria in hand, follow the instructions carefully and exactly as they are given. If you have questions, ask! The scholarship coordinators are happy and willing to offer clarification and assistance. 

Yes, it is very time consuming, but look at the other side: It took people a lot of time and hard work to earn the money they have made available. Scholarships should require some effort in return to symbolize a willingness to put the scholarship funds to the best possible use and not just squander them away.

How do you think that University of Phoenix is committed to you?

University of Phoenix has made my student experience a delight! With help from my advisory support network (Carol, Enrollment Advisor; Chris, Academic Advisor; and Debi, Finance Advisor), I feel like I'm on this journey with a knowledgeable and present support network. They are lightning fast to respond to my questions and comments, and maintain regular communication with me — even for simple things like asking how I'm doing.

When I have questions or a dilemma, they work right alongside me until we reach an answer or solution. I am so grateful and secure knowing these people that I've never met are walking along and sharing my journey. Each takes a personal interest in making sure I am successful and have every possibility to achieve my goal of graduation!

Visit phoenix.edu/scholarships to learn more about scholarship opportunities of your own.