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Carly H.

Carly H.

Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting

Sacramento, CA

Scholarship: Council of College and Military Educators Scholarship



Why do you want to become a Phoenix? What does being a Phoenix mean to you?

Being a Phoenix means real-world application of my learning experience. Working in Learning Teams has been an excellent opportunity to learn how to work closely with others who think, learn and work differently than I do. The MBA program has been a wonderful growth opportunity, and at the end of the day, I understand that everything comes down to people. Learning to work with, understand and encourage others is what being a Phoenix is to me.

What is your advice to other students who are looking for scholarships?

Find your niche. I am a veteran, and there are many organizations that support veterans’ educational goals. Find the organizations that support you, your interests, your situation in life — find your niche and seek out organizations that support it. Also, keep an eye on the notifications that come to your student homepage.

What is your favorite part about attending University of Phoenix?

Everything. Going back to school has revived me. Now that I am older, I have enjoyed the college experience in a new way. I am excited to learn and to develop my skills and myself. Sometimes in life and in work we are stuck in a rut. I was in a bit of a rut, and I was bored. University of Phoenix has reminded me that I am smart, I have good ideas and I love learning new things. It has helped me step out of that rut and opened a whole new path ahead!

What skills have you developed while attending University of Phoenix?

I have developed my leadership ability while attending the University. People who know me would probably say that I am a leader, but I wasn't quite sure how that translated in business. What kind of a leader was I? I have discovered what kind of a leader I am and have had the opportunity to practice leadership. I am a leader who leads by example. I work hard! I am a leader who recognizes and encourages other's abilities and strengths. I let others take the lead when it is their area of expertise, and I learn from them. I know that there are areas in which I can always work toward improvement, and I seek feedback from others to help me identify these areas.

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