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Chanda S.

Institutional Scholarship Recipient

Major: Bachelors of Science in Information Technology
Anticipated Graduation Date:
Mililani, HI

Like most high achievers, Chanda gets great joy from following through with her goals. Earning her bachelor’s degree and setting a good example for her children are her prime motivators for never giving up on her education.

For fifteen years Chanda has been trying to complete her degree. Balancing a busy family and raising three children has made it nearly impossible to attend class. She also lost her mother to breast cancer – a key support system in her life. Until now, she has had to celebrate the graduation of friends and family with her own degree on an indefinite hold, “I have attended and congratulated many family and friends on their graduation accomplishments. Some hold multiple college degrees. At each ceremony, I always wished I was the graduate shaking hands with the dean and receiving that rolled up piece of paper neatly tied with a ribbon.”

With help from the Focus to the Finish program and the University’s flexible learning schedule, she is able to complete her degree. Chanda says her children “are so excited for me and the possibilities that await us when I finish.” University of Phoenix’s online schedule makes going to school and taking care of her family possible for Chanda, “As an online student, I choose how my daily schedule will be set as well as when my next courses will be. It’s a perfect situation for a mother and wife like me.” She is able to study during the day or late at night – whatever is most convenient for her and her family.

Chanda’s biggest goal in completing her degree is earning an income that will alleviate the financial burden on her family. She will be able to give her family a brighter future.

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