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Christine "Crissy" H.

Institutional Scholarship Recipient

Major: Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Anticipated Graduation Date:
Springdale, AR

Crissy’s proudest accomplishment is motherhood. She married a year after graduating high school and gave birth to her oldest daughter. Lexy was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle Bones Disease) and has had over 400 broken bones and many surgeries. She really counts on her mom. Shortly after Lexy’s birth Crissy’s first marriage ended in divorce. She tried going back to school and when she did make it to class she did well. But as a single mom with a special needs child, it was extremely difficult to dedicate time and energy to school. Lexy was continually in the hospital and required her mom’s undivided attention. Crissy decided to put school on hold and dedicated herself to her daughter’s surgery, recovery and therapy. She loved just being her mom. Crissy explains, “I did choose to put my degree on hold, but it had to be done. That is my reason for not completing my degree. As I look back, I would not have changed a thing. Lexy deserved a mother who dedicated her life to her.”

Today Crissy is married with two more children. She is also the legal guardian of her 16 year old niece; Crissy’s sister passed away in 2008. Crissy is happy to have the support of her husband and loves raising her children. She wants to build her career around helping other children, “I always knew that I would make an impact on a child’s life. I have learned a lot over the years. Being a parent to a special needs child has had great rewards. I want to be able to help other children. I have either worked with or volunteered with children my whole life.”

Crissy’s online program is a great fit for her. “I love the online experience. I also like meeting new people from all over. It is a unique experience and I love it!” says Crissy. Her positivity and enthusiasm for completing her degree will take her far.

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