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Delfina M.

Institutional Scholarship Recipient

Major: Business
Campus: Online
Anticipated Graduation Date: March 2011
Hometown: Marbury, MD

Delfina discovered her scholarship opportunity at the YMCA Potomac Branch in Fort Washington, Md. The YMCA was offering the First Chance Scholarship® and Delfina thought she would give it a shot and write the essay. It turned out to be one of the most important decisions of her life!

She took a few days to write the essay, revisiting her goals and dreams that had been put on the shelf for years. She took time to be clear and thorough about what winning a scholarship would mean to her life. Delfina knows that without the award, she could have earned her degree but it would have been a long and tedious process. The financial award gave her the ability to earn her degree sooner rather than later. Without it, she would have had to take on a second job and student loans.

Delfina is now in her third block of classes and still excited about being a student. She says her graduation team has been with her from the beginning, and she has found her instructors to be helpful and encouraging. “My instructors have also been very instrumental in my learning, and in their understanding of situations that arise with a working adult with family obligations.  What I love about my classes here is that they are strategically put together to enhance my learning experience.”

To fellow scholarship applicants she says, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it should be treated as such. Find a reason or motto that will keep you motivated and dedicated to completing your assignments and reaching your goal. Remember that your instructors and graduation team are not mind readers; you have to do your part!”

Delfina says she is “like a Phoenix.” The mystical bird rises from its ashes with a new life and Delfina will rise from being the best college student she can be, to the best alumni possible. Delfina’s motto—failure is not an option!

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