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Jesus "Jesse" C.

Institutional Scholarship Recipient

Major: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration
Anticipated Graduation Date:
El Paso, TX

Jesse’s motivations for completing his degree are straightforward: family, the opportunity to challenge himself in academics, and an opportunity to obtain a better paying position in his career and field of study—law enforcement.

In 2008, Jesse made a life-changing decision. He was working on his bachelor’s degree through University of Phoenix’s San Diego Campus when he took a job offer in Texas that offered him greater financial stability. He was forced to withdrawal from the University and put his degree on hold. At his new position he had to complete a training and probationary period for two years. Jesse is now at a point where he can return to the University but cannot afford the tuition payments. Unfortunately, his career move created greater financial burdens for his family and he has had to work up to 68 hours of overtime per pay period to pay down his debt. The Focus to the Finish scholarship will allow Jesse to complete his degree without incurring additional financial stress.

University of Phoenix is a great fit for Jesse because it accommodates his busy schedule. “The school's hours and programs allow me to work full time, spend time at home with my family, and offers me the full benefits of a higher education” says Jesse. In the future he would like to practice civil, criminal or immigration law. Jesse would also like to become a legal advisor, prosecutor or director of a Federal government agency. He is passionate about reducing crime by upholding national security and safeguarding our communities. His future is bright and in his hands.

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