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Regina W.

Institutional Scholarship Recipient

Major: Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Management
Anticipated Graduation Date:
Phoenix, AZ

Regina is this close to completing her degree. She was attending a community college earning her associate’s degree in business administration when her college was abruptly shut down for financial aid fraud. Her records were locked along with the time and effort she put into her degree. She lost a lot of faith in the education system. “Procrastination and fear prevented me from taking the necessary steps to start school again. I would take one class, complete it, and not take another for a few years” Regina explains. At the time Regina was also trying to raise her child with learning disabilities as a single mom. She worked in a 24/7 call center that demanded long and untraditional hours. This left her little time to study.

One day her Senior Manager introduced her to University of Phoenix. Regina attended the University for over two years until she lost her job. “I am almost a Phoenix” Regina says. “I believe in the program and utilized the skills learned at my previous employers.” Regina is still unemployed and believes this is as good a time as any for a career change. “I have years of customer service experience and a very nurturing personality.” She will be pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Management.

Regina is the first of 14 siblings to be this close to earning her degree. She wants to inspire the rest of her family to complete their education. “Even though my degree completion is a personal goal it will hopefully motivate others to recognize the value of education and realize it is never too late. Life is often full of challenges and obstacles that hinder your success. It is always easier to start a race than it is to finish the race.”

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