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[0:00] The School of Business at the University of Phoenix is really dedicated to making sure that our students and our educational partners are getting the skills they need for the 21st Century jobs. Developing an educated workforce makes your organization more adaptable, more nimble, and able to continue to keep up in an increasingly competitive world. [00:19]

[00:20] An employer sponsoring their employees to attend our programs benefits in many ways, but one of the most important ways is that we bring them skills and education that they can use tomorrow. It's not just that they're learning what they need to do, but they're learning it from practitioners who've done it, and they're able to take that into the workforce the next day, put it into practice, use it, and really add value from day one. [00:43]

[00:44] Educational partnerships with the University of Phoenix offer a lot of benefits. We have 200 different locations and that brings us diverse faculty within our own faculty populations so we get a better understanding of the global and particularly the national aspects of issues that are coming up today. [01:01]

[01:02] Virtual organizations are one of the coolest things at the University of Phoenix. We've been using them in classrooms for close to ten years now. They add an interesting dimension a lot of our students may not have access to otherwise. Virtual organization, which is essentially an organization that's been created by us, populated with the help of our academic partners to get different, real-world examples, real-world file systems. We can build HR files, confidential legal files, things that a student would not have access to at their own employer. It's one of the things that I think adds the most interest to the University of Phoenix and really makes it clear how real-world our programs are. [01:45]

[01:45] Those students need a better understanding of how to operate and how to communicate across lines that they're not used to. They're looking for critical thinking skills. They're looking for problem-solving skills. They're looking for skills in interpersonal communications, collaboration. They're looking for the things that we actually at the University of Phoenix hold as our learning goals. [02:04]

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Put their knowledge to work for you

In business, the only constant is change. Processes and technologies are always evolving, meaning your company must move forward in real-time or risk becoming stagnant.

Give your employees access to a university that understands the needs of working learners and empowers you to maximize your tuition assistance programs. Let our business programs, inclusive of a global network of forward-thinking instructors, students and alumni, prepare your employees to adapt to a 21st Century economy.

Our business programs are taught by industry professionals. In addition to executives from Fortune 100 companies we have 457 CEOs, 313 CFOs, 117 COOs and 785 Presidents to provide you lessons that give you an insider’s view—direct from the boardroom.

This means your employees will be taught how to apply the knowledge they're gaining in class to what's happening in business today.

In addition to learning business solutions from leaders who know them best, your employees will learn how to function as part of a team, improve their communication and develop their decision-making and leadership skills. All of these skills will prepare them to adapt to a high-performing team model needed to accelerate in today's global economy.

Educational choices for the 21st Century professional

Form an educational partnership with us and use your tuition assistance dollars to help your employees stay on the leading edge of the market. Our School of Business graduates more MBA candidates than any other business school in America.

Your employees can also choose to enroll in any number of individual for-credit courses in accounting, leadership, and ethics and management, or in non-business specific courses that can help them fill any gaps in their skills.

Your employees can also choose to pursue non-credit professional development courses that allow them to grow in their area of interest or choose from a variety of certificate programs that allow them to develop a specific skillset.

Contact us to learn more about our programs and how we can provide you with customized learning solutions that meet your objectives. Doing so will enhance employee engagement, improve the quality of your employees, and send a strong message that you're invested in their success.

Learn more about our degree programs, our for-credit and non-credit individual courses and the certificates we offer in:

The use of the phrase education partner or education partnership is for marketing purposes only and is not intended to create a legal partnership.

Develop a stronger workforce. Our educational solutions can help you stay competitive in a global economy.

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