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Professional development for the workplace.

Upskilling employees with online training

Quickly launch a scalable, online training program tailored to meet the unique needs of your business and upskill your employees.

Streamline your employee online training programs

University of Phoenix Professional Development online training can help upskill employees with new, career-relevant skills. We offer a Skills Library of 100+ non-college-credit, self-led skills that your employees can start learning today. Plus, we can tailor your training to address the specific, unique needs of your business.

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    Our 100%-online training platform can be accessed at anytime from anywhere so that your employees can learn on their schedule.
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    Keep more of the employees you value and rely on engaged with online training opportunities that can help support their career goals.
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    Optimize training

    Reduce the time it takes to upskill employees with our intuitive online training platform.

Develop skills in specific topics

Explore how Professional Development can help address different kinds of skills gaps within your organization.

  • Leadership Development

    Discover techniques and skills that can help support a stronger leadership team

  • DEI&B

    Enhance your team’s understanding of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEI&B)

  • Human Resources

    Help improve human resources (HR) training and offer access to online recertification opportunities

  • Information Technology

    Keep your team up to date with an online IT training program

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Experience firsthand how our non-college-credit courses can help upskill employees at any time, from anywhere.

Workforce learning success story

Stephen J. Henricks | Vice President, Strategic Initiatives @ CareMetx

We wanted to enhance our training to improve productivity, quality and retention. University of Phoenix Workforce Solutions and Professional Development teams designed and developed three tailored employee professional development workshops for three different employee populations. The course designs met our requirements and received overwhelmingly positive reviews from trainees. University of Phoenix helped make [training and recruitment] this year a success.

Stephen J. Henricks | Vice President, Strategic Initiatives @ CareMetx

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A workforce learning success story


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Learn how our 100%-online training can be tailored to fit your unique needs and upskill employees.