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Upskill employees with flexible, evidence-based learning

Discover how our Skills Center can help upskill employees and reach your business goals with an online learning pioneer as your guide.

Why work with University of Phoenix
Professional Development?

As pioneers in online learning, University of Phoenix Professional Development can support your employee training initiatives with career-focused skills. Our self-led, 100%-online non-college-credit training solutions can help your team gain new skills through evidence-based learning design. Choose from ready-to-launch skills and Skills Pathways in our Skills Center or create custom training to meet your team’s unique needs.
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    Engage employees

    Interactive training content is designed to engage employees throughout the learning process.
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    Reach business goals

    Upskill employees with training that addresses skill gaps to help your business reach its goals.
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    Invest in employees

    Help your employees feel valued and appreciated by investing in their learning and career goals. 
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    Deliver measurable results

    Gain valuable insights into how confident your employees are in the new skills they’re learning. 

What makes us different?

As a trusted advisor in online learning for working adults, we offer flexible solutions to upskill employees with evidence-based learning.


Trusted advisor

For more than 30 years, University of Phoenix has been a leader in online education. Now, we’re using that legacy to address the unique training needs of your business.  


Evidence-based learning

Explore employee training and development programs supported by evidence-based learning design and real-world assessments to improve knowledge retention. 


Flexible solutions

Find a solution that’s right for your business with training options that can be customized to fit your needs and accessed by your employees from anywhere at any time.

62% of American workers say they need support learning new skills.¹
What are you doing to help upskill your workforce?

Professional Development success stories

We make upskilling employees different because your business is different.

Explore our solutions for upskilling employees 

Learn how our employee training and development programs can help you reach your business goals.

Prebuilt Pathways

Choose from Skills Pathways that are ready to launch today and start training immediately. 

Tailored Pathways

Our Skills Center offers skills to help you to build unique Skills Pathways.

Custom Pathways

Create custom Skills Pathways from the ground up that address your specific needs. 

Here to guide your team along any Skills Pathway you choose

Let us be your trusted advisor to help you achieve your business goals.

Try before you buy – free trials available!

Try our 100%-online learning platform for yourself and see what your employees can expect from our Skills Pathways.

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