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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization course information and purchase details

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Digital Marketing

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

This course explores Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the process of optimizing a web page and its content to increase its visibility amongst users searching for keywords relevant to your site. Learn about powerful strategies and web-based tools that can be leveraged to gain valuable insights into your web traffic and how to improve your site’s user experience.

Learn how to:

  • Relate important website attributes and components to their impact on the visibility of the site.

  • Interpret basic analytics reports for relevant trends and prospective website issues.

  • Develop a refined list of effective keywords related to their topic of interest.

  • Evaluate Google Ads data to identify opportunities of iterative improvement to one's digital ads or target website.

Explore in-demand skills in areas like:

  • Keyword analysis and application

  • Website component contribution evaluation and application

  • Google Analytics analysis and application

  • Google Ads analysis and application

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Foundations in SEO

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Course details

  • Course level
    FoundationalCourse level
  • Course format
    Self-ledCourse format
  • Estimated learning time
    30 hrsEstimated learning time
  • Access to course
    1 yearAccess to course
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Please note that we are legally unable to offer this course to residents of the State of Georgia

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Your efforts and achievements will be tracked throughout the course, so you know when you're hitting the mark - and when you're not. Your progress will be determined by your ability to demonstrate a skill and apply it immediately; not just answering questions and moving to the next learning module.

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Is this course for you?

The Professional:

  • You're looking for SEO tools that can help you drive increased performance for your organization or your own website.
  • You're looking to add SEO skills to your marketing toolkit, to keep up with evolving job requirements.

The Learner:

  • You're interested in learning more about SEO and how it can drive and improve your website's performance.
  • You're interested in learning how to apply effective strategies and tools to better understand your web traffic.

What's included

Course outline:

  • Course Introduction
    • Getting Started
    • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
  • Lesson 1: History of Search Engines and Directories
    • Lesson 1 Learning Materials
    • Knowledge Check - Lesson 1
    • On the Web 1: Comparing Search Engine Results
    • Resources
  • Lesson 2: Understanding How Search Engines Work
    • Lesson 2 Learning Materials
    • Knowledge Check - Lesson 2
    • On the Web 2: StatCounter
    • Resources
  • Lesson 3: Creating Killer Keyword Lists
    • Lesson 3 Learning Materials
    • Knowledge Check - Lesson 3
    • On the Web 3: Google Trends
    • Resources
  • Lesson 4: Presubmission Analysis: Figuring Out Which Keywords Are the Right Ones
    • Lesson 4 Learning Materials
    • Knowledge Check - Lesson 4
    • On the Web 4: Keyword Lists
    • Resources
  • Skills Assessment 1: Keywords
    • Skills Assessment Primer: Keyword Effectiveness Indicator
    • Skills Assessment: Keyword Effectiveness Indicator
  • Lesson 5: Important HTML Tags to Master
    • Lesson 5 Learning Materials
    • Knowledge Check - Lesson 5
    • On the Web 5: WC3 Schools
    • Resources
  • Lesson 6: Content Layout and Keyword Usage
    • Lesson 6 Learning Materials
    • Knowledge Check - Lesson 6
    • On the Web 6: Google Webmaster
    • Resources
  • Lesson 7: Web Hosting, URLs, and Mobile Optimization
    • Lesson 7 Learning Materials
    • Knowledge Check - Lesson 7
    • On the Web 7: Effective URLs
    • Resources
  • Lesson 8: Spamming Tricks to Avoid
    • Lesson 8 Learning Materials
    • Knowledge Check - Lesson 8
    • On the Web 8: Google Webmaster Spam Report
    • Resources
  • Skills Assessment 2: Website Components and Contributions
    • Assessment Primer: Website Components & SEO Contribution
    • Skills Assessment: Website Components & SEO Contribution
  • Lesson 9: Submitting Your Site
    • Lesson 9 Learning Materials
    • Knowledge Check - Lesson 9
    • On the Web 9: XML Sitemaps
    • Resources
  • Lesson 10: Track Your Progress With a Post-Submission Analysis
    • Lesson 10 Learning Materials
    • Knowledge Check - Lesson 10
    • On the Web: Google Analytics
    • Resources
  • Skills Assessment 3: Google Analytics
    • Skills Assessment 3 Learning Materials
    • Skills Assessment : Google Analytics Reports Output & Interpretation of Analytics Data
  • Lesson 11: Powerful Online Promotion Techniques
    • Lesson 11 Learning Materials
    • Knowledge Check - Lesson 11
    • On the Web 11: Google Adwords Test Account
    • Resources
  • Lesson 12: Effective Offline and Online Promotion Techniques
    • Lesson 12 Learning Materials
    • Knowledge Check - Lesson 12
    • On the Web 12: Website Promotion
    • Resources
  • Skills Assessment 4: Google Ads
    • Skills Assessment 4 Learning Materials
    • Skills Assessment: Interpretation of Google Ads
  • Course Conclusion
    • Course Conclusion

Skills you'll gain with this course:

  • Keyword analysis and application

    Relate important website attributes and components to their impact on the visibility of the site.

  • Website component contribution evaluation and application

    Interpret basic analytics reports for relevant trends and issues.

  • Google Analytics analysis and application

    Develop a refined list of effective keywords related to their topic of interest.

  • Google Ads analysis and application

    Evaluate Google Ads data and identify relevant trends and issues.

Don’t take our word for it, look at what past students are saying

  • “This "short" course was packed with information in an easy to follow format. The real-world examples and external resources took it to the next level for me, and I finished feeling I had a good handle on SEO concepts.”

    Chris S, UOPX employee

  • “I enjoyed learning about Search Engine Optimization! The content is relevant, concise and practical. The best part was that I could go at my own pace and complete the activities that I felt I needed the most. I was in control of my learning and that's the best complement I can give.”

    Brent G, UOPX employee

  • “This course was chock full of applicable material that I can use in my new position. Now, I won't feel so out of place in meetings when people are talking about tech. I'll even be able to contribute to those conversations!”

    Jon L, UOPX employee

*These employees were selected to take our courses free of charge and offered to provide feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our professional development courses are structured and you will be guided through the experience.

  • You’ll complete bite-sized lessons of instructions.
  • Each lesson will be approximately 60 minutes.
  • After you complete the lessons in each module, you will be assessed.
  • Review and complete the assessment as many times as you like, to make sure you’re absorbing all the content.
  • Upon successful completion, you will move to the next lesson.

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