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Preparing for Organizational Change

The Preparing for Organizational Change Training Pathway can help your employees improve their change management capabilities. Employees will learn to interpret employee reactions, identify resistance reasons and apply conflict resolution strategies. Through case analysis and the Employee Change Matrix, they can learn how to navigate change-induced conflicts.

Equip your team with skills like strategic communication planning, stakeholder engagement and feedback mechanisms crucial for change success. Help foster effective stakeholder communication, relationship-building and expectation management during organizational transformations. And help hone leadership skills for motivating teams, making strategic decisions and supporting resilience. By completing this Pathway, employees can help drive successful organizational change.

Skills you'll learn

  • Interpreting employee reactions, identifying underlying reasons for resistance, and applying conflict resolution strategies to effectively manage change.
  • Enhancing change management through effective communication, influencing change initiative results through strategic communication planning, assessing communication methods, and identifying effective feedback mechanisms and bidirectional communication tools.
  • Fostering effective stakeholder communication, building relationships, and managing stakeholder expectations during organizational transformations.
  • Motivating teams, making strategic decisions, and fostering a resilient and adaptive leadership approach to drive successful organizational change.

Skill modules

Managing Resistance to Change

    • Recognizing Why Employees Resist Change
    • Strategies to Overcome Resistance
    • Embracing Change: Navigating Employee Concerns in a Marketing Strategy Shift

Communicating Change

    • Developing and Communicating Change Messages
    • Communication Strategies During Change Management
    • Communication Strategies that Encourage Evolution

Engaging Stakeholders in Change Management

    • Identifying Stakeholders
    • Managing Stakeholder Relationships
    • Managing Stakeholder Expectations in EHR System Implementation

Leading Through Change

    • Leadership Roles and Styles
    • Effective Leadership Strategies
    • Leading Innovative Change

Showcase your achievement

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Frequently asked questions

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Everyone is welcome to take our Preparing for Organizational Change Skills Pathway. No application is necessary.

All levels and skillsets are welcome to take the Preparing for Organizational Change non-credit Skills Pathway. There are no prerequisites for this Pathway.