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Resolving Workplace Conflicts

Help prepare your employees with essential conflict resolution skills rooted in emotional intelligence. From understanding conflict nature to applying empathy and emotional management, employees can gain skills to navigate conflicts effectively. Explore various conflict resolution models, learning to adapt styles and generate solutions for mutual benefit while assessing risks and making informed decisions.

The Resolving Workplace Conflicts Training Pathway emphasizes conflict mediation with cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural communication proficiency. Employees learn to apply resolution techniques and problem-solving effectively across diverse settings. With a focus on conflict resolution strategies tailored for change management, employees can learn how to communicate, negotiate and mediate constructively amidst organizational transformations. Help your team foster positive work environments and navigate conflicts with confidence.

Skills you'll learn

  • Navigating and resolving conflicts in various settings with cultural sensitivity and effective cross-cultural communication.
  • Focusing on underlying needs, adapting conflict-handling styles, and generating solutions for mutual benefit.
  • Navigating and resolving conflicts in various settings with cultural sensitivity and effective cross-cultural communication.
  • Developing skills to communicate effectively, negotiate fairly, mediate constructively, collaborate creatively with stakeholders, and address conflicts that arise during change initiatives to foster a positive and productive work environment.

Skill modules

Solving Conflicts with Emotional Intelligence

    • Definition, Types, and Dynamics of Conflict
    • Emotional Intelligence in Conflicts
    • Solving Team Conflicts With EI
    • Solving Conflicts with Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment

Applying Conflict Resolution Models

    • Conflict Resolution Strategies and Models
    • Negotiation and Risk Management in Conflict
    • Effectively Negotiating Team Conflicts
    • Applying Conflict Resolution Models Skills Assessment

Conflict Mediation

    • Mediation and Facilitation Techniques
    • Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity in Conflict Resolution
    • Mediating Team Conflicts
    • Conflict Mediation Skills Assessment

Conflict Resolution Strategies for Change Management

    • Analyzing Conflicts During Change Management
    • Strategies for Conflict Resolution
    • Solving Conflicts in Change Initiatives
    • Conflict Resolution Strategies for Change Management Skills Assessment

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