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Human Resources: A Pragmatic Approach to DE&I 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) skills and initiatives can help create a supportive work environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging and has equal access to opportunities. In about 4 hours, this course can help you better understand the characteristics of a dynamic workforce, different approaches to developing an inclusive workplace and techniques to measure and increase equity.

Skills you'll learn

  • Deliver effective talent solutions across the employee life cycle
  • Apply U.S. labor laws and regulations to workplace related issues
  • Apply people management skills to address common issues in the workplace
  • Develop effective organizational strategies using business intelligence methods

Skill modules

DEI: Labor Law

    • Understanding the Foundations of Labor Law
    • Interpreting DE&I Programs and Benefits
    • Supporting a Diverse Workforce
    • Understanding Labor Relations and Right-to-Work

DEI: Talent Acquisition and Management

    • Creating an Inclusive Workforce
    • Implementing Diverse HR Solutions & Employing Diverse Hiring Practices
    • Enforcing EEO & Creating Equitable Opportunities
    • Utilizing Techniques to Measure, Increase, and Advocate
    • Legal Interview Questions

DEI: Employee Relations and Conflict Resolution

    • DE&I and Performance Issues Within a Dynamic Workforce
    • Addressing Exclusion and Fostering Belonging
    • Assessing Equity
    • Fostering Belonging

DEI: Data Systems for HR Management

    • Identifying DE&I Metrics
    • DE&I Best Practices
    • Designing Effective DE&I Initiatives
    • Engaging Stakeholders
    • Implementing DE&I Initiatives

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Frequently asked questions

The Human Resources: A Pragmatic Approach to DE&I Skills Pathway may be right for you if you have an interest in learning more about cultivating a working environment that welcomes everyone. This Skills Pathway could also help you grow your career in the HR field.

By purchasing this Human Resources: A Pragmatic Approach to DE&I Skills Pathway, you are taking the first step in growing your DE&I skills. You should purchase this Skills Pathway if you’re interested in learning theories and best practices in implementing diversity, equity and inclusion practices throughout your organization.

No application is necessary. Everyone is welcome to the Human Resources: A Pragmatic Approach to DE&I Skills Pathway.

All levels and skillsets are welcome to take the Human Resources: A Pragmatic Approach to DE&I non-college-credit Skills Pathway. There are no prerequisites for this Skills Pathway.

The Human Resources: A Pragmatic Approach to DE&I Skills Pathway has four modules comprised of subjects like “Employee Relations and Conflict Resolution.” Each module has a knowledge check and brief assessment to validate your skills. You can expect the Skills Pathway to take about 4 hours, and all Skills Pathways are 100% online and self-paced.

A Skills Pathway is a series of skills that can be learned over a period of time.

Prebuilt Pathway: A series of two or more existing skill modules that’s ready to launch today.

  • Training Pathway: A series of two or more one-hour skill modules that does not prepare employees for a certification exam or help them earn recertification credits.
  • Certification Pathway: Completing this Prebuilt Pathway can help employees prepare for a third-party certification exam.
  • Recertification Pathway: Completing this Prebuilt Pathway can help employees earn recertification credits for a specific agency such as SHRM® and HRCI®.

Tailored Skills Pathway: Select multiple existing skill modules to create this Pathway. Skill modules and assessments can be modified slightly to accommodate the needs of your business.

Custom Skills Pathway: Our team will build completely new skill modules and assessments for your business and workforce.

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