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AWS Solutions Architect Certification Pathway

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Our AWS Solutions Architect Certification Pathway can help prepare you to take on more complex and unique distributed systems challenges on Amazon Web Services. Two comprehensive Skills Pathways can equip you with more of the skills businesses need to succeed in cloud computing.

Two Skills Pathways can help prepare you for one industry certification exam¹:

  • AWS Solutions Architect Certification

¹ Created with materials from AWS Academy and other resources at AWS

Included Skills Pathways

The AWS Solutions Architect Certification Pathway includes two self-led, non-college-credit Skills Pathways that must be taken in consecutive order before taking the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exam: AWS Solutions Architect I followed by AWS Solutions Architect II.

Skills Pathway 1: AWS Solutions Architect I

    • Design and build secure and scalable solutions that are resilient and meet technical requirements.
    • Maintain customer responsibilities to adhere to the service level agreement and shared responsibility model.
    • Select the appropriate disaster recovery plan based on the shared responsibility model, including replication, backup, RTO/RPO, least privilege and network security.
    • Design and build secure and scalable solutions that are cost effective to meet business requirements.

Skills Pathway 2: AWS Solutions Architect II

    • Define a strategy within the shared responsibility model that ensures durability and performance needs are met for data-based services.
    • Select the appropriate levels and types of storage services that align with business and technical organization perspectives
    • Maintain appropriate automation measures for failover and scaling that align with both business and technology perspectives.
    • Design a solution to utilize AWS services to provide consistent and reliable performance aligning to the shared responsibility model and selecting appropriate resources for workload, scalability and encryption.

AWS Solutions Architect exam prep

Successfully completing this Certification Pathway can help you prepare to take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exam.

Showcase your achievement

Share your Certificate of Completion and Professional Development Badge by uploading them to your social media profiles, such as LinkedIn® * , when you’ve successfully completed your course with a score of 85% or higher.

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Frequently asked questions

Employees can immediately access and begin learning after completing your purchase.

After purchasing your training, you can register employees through our License Management System or have them sign in via SSO options. Contact us today to learn more.

A skill module teaches a single skill in four to eight hours.

  • A one-hour skill module teaches a single skill in about one hour.

A Skills Pathway is a series of skills that can be learned over a period of time.

Prebuilt Pathway: A series of two or more existing skill modules that’s ready to launch today.

  • Training Pathway: A series of two or more one-hour skill modules that does not prepare employees for a certification exam or help them earn recertification credits.
  • Certification Pathway: Completing this Prebuilt Pathway can help employees prepare for a third-party certification exam.
  • Recertification Pathway: Completing this Prebuilt Pathway can help employees earn recertification credits for a specific agency such as SHRM® and HRCI®.

Tailored Skills Pathway: Select multiple existing skill modules to create this Pathway. Skill modules and assessments can be modified slightly to accommodate the needs of your business.

Custom Skills Pathway: Our team will build completely new skill modules and assessments for your business and workforce.

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