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Upskill employees in the healthcare industry

Support your team of healthcare workers at any level or position with new skills in communication, leadership and more!

We're ready to help you address the roadblocks in your industry

  • Service recovery

    We can help train workers at all levels of patient care to do better when addressing customer service issues

  • Communication

    Discover how we can help improve the ability of healthcare workers to communicate effectively within an organization

  • Lifelong learning

    Provide your workforce with emerging skills, such as DEIB, that can enhance their careers

  • Skills to support healthcare worker training

    We offer several skills to help healthcare workers improve their communication, management and leadership abilities – plus new skills are always in development!
    • https://strapi.phoenix.eduIcon - Brave Converastions

      EQ and Empathy

      • Develop EQ and empathy in the work environment
    • https://strapi.phoenix.eduIcon - Inclusive Leadership.svg

      Inclusivity through Shared Meaning

      • Foster inclusive team building through shared meanings
    • https://strapi.phoenix.eduIcon - Human Resources.svg

      Leading through Unpredictable Situations

      • Apply strategies to lead and focus employees in complex, disruptive and unpredictable situations
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    Influence patient care

    Learning new communication skills could help healthcare workers at all levels throughout your organization provide better interactions with patients and their families.


    Task management

    Professional Development can affect how your teams work and communicate better.


    Start building future leaders

    Empower your teams with skills that can help your current and future leaders.

    Support the learning objectives of your team. Schedule a time to talk with our sales team to learn more.

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    Bite-sized learning

    Learn a new skill in as little as one hour!

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    Learn wherever, whenever

    Our on-demanding learning is 100% online and accessible anywhere, anytime

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    Evidence-based learning

    We’ve combined academic research with the expertise of subject matter experts to develop learning content

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    Data-driven results

    Access real-time insights and data to help evaluate employee comprehension of new skills

  • Learn more about how our flexible training solutions can help you reach your goals.

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