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Apollo Education Group volunteers help Green Balsz Elementary School District


On March 17, 2012, more than 130 volunteers participated in the Keep Phoenix Beautiful Corporate Challenge. Staff and family volunteers removed graffiti, painted and landscaped, cleaned up parks and playgrounds, and completed various other projects around the Balsz Elementary School District in downtown Phoenix.

Each year, Keep Phoenix Beautiful hosts a challenge with valley businesses to increase community volunteerism. Three years ago, we won the Corporate Challenge, and internal divisions compete annually for the division champion title. This year’s winning division was Online Midwest.

“University of Phoenix has been involved with the Keep Phoenix Beautiful Corporate Challenge since we started the event four years ago. The enthusiasm and hard work of your volunteer employees is always an inspiration to us,” says Tom Waldeck, executive director of Keep Phoenix Beautiful. “As a national board member of Keep America Beautiful, I get to see events all over the country, and nothing compares to the excitement of several hundred University of Phoenix employees coming together to make our community better.”

“We can’t think of a better way to spend a day than pitching in to help this district,” adds Melissa Antone, director of Sustainability Policy & Programs for Keep Phoenix Beautiful. “This is our community, and these are our kids. It’s not work — it’s a privilege.”

All year long, we will be encouraging environmental actions through the Earth Yearsm program and website. Sign up on the website to learn easy actions you can take at home, work and in the community to help the environment and even save money.

Now that’s green!

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