Faculty Appreciation Week

Faculty Appreciation Week

890,200. That’s the total number of lives you — and faculty like you — have had a hand in impacting. Your students go on to work for Fortune 100 companies. One in 10 alumni report that they currently operate a business they founded. And 82 percent have used their education to step up in their careers. Your hard work makes these numbers possible. And for that, the University and its Schools and Colleges thank you.

“I love my work with UOPX and am grateful for the opportunity it has provided to me to share and learn with my students. It truly enhances my regular daily work with my employees, educators and students.”
– Cece Mahre, MAEd, College of Education

This week, we’re asking the entire University of Phoenix® community to share how faculty have the power to transform the lives of our students, their families and communities. Look for their stories on Facebook®, Twitter® and PhoenixConnect® social networks, as well as at campus and learning center locations across the country.

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Show your appreciation

Have a story about a faculty member who was instrumental in transforming your life? Join the conversation on social media and read what others are saying.