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Brent Boardman, MBA

Brent Boardman holds an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and a B.A. in International Studies & Business from the University of Nebraska. He currently teaches management courses and serves as an Academic Affairs Project Director for the University of Phoenix School of Business, overseeing the program architecture, technology and design of both undergraduate and graduate business courses.

Prior to joining University of Phoenix, Brent spent several years as a graphic designer and editor working on print advertisements for national distribution. His areas of expertise include educational technology, educational leadership, public policy, cultural sustainability and design, and organizational behavior and social responsibility.

Brent has authored Measuring student success across Arizona: K-12 education and AIMS, as well as his first published novel, Artifact of a Life. He’s a Fellow in the Arizona Program for Policy, Ethics & Education Leadership (APPEEL).

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