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Dr. Carol Hall

Carol Hall, a University of Phoenix (UOPX) associate faculty member, serves as School of Advanced Studies (SAS) EdD Lead Area Chair, K-12 Education.  She teaches EdD courses, is an EdD Subject Matter Expert, facilitates residencies, and serves on the Campus Academic Council and dissertation committees.  Carol joined UOPX in 2003. 

Carol’s professional experience includes over 35 years teaching or administering in public, private, parochial, and international schools.  For the past year, she served as director of one of only two preschools in Fort Worth, Texas accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. 

Carol recently completed a chapter in Examining Response to Intervention (RTI) Models in Secondary Education with a UOPX EdD graduate.  In January, 2015, she presented Distance Education Teaching and Learning at the Hawaii International Conference on Education in Honolulu, Hawaii, for which she received a SAS Research Award.  Along with a UOPX EdD graduate, she authored Response to Intervention: Research and Practice presented at the CLUTE 2013 International Education Conference in Key West, Florida, which presentation received the “Best Paper in Session Award” for publication in Contemporary Issues in Research.  At the 2013 Annual Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Carol and another UOPX faculty member presented a paper entitled, Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions Using Advanced Technology Integration.

Carol’s degrees include a Doctor of Education in Educational Administration from Baylor University, a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education from Texas Woman’s University, and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Centenary College of Louisiana.  Carol possesses Superintendent, Professional School Administrator Mid-management Certification, and teaching certifications in several states.

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