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Kat Barclay, PhD

Dr. Kat Barclay has been with UOPX for 14 years, including positions with SAS as Director of Academic Affairs and Full Time Research Faculty.  She started her professional career teaching in Arizona schools and was lucky enough to be one of the first teachers in the state to introduce computers into the classroom.  Having so much fun with this new technology, Kat transitioned into the high-tech industry.  Working with a variety of start-up to multi-billion dollar computer manufacturing companies, positions included executive management in international sales, communications, and field training/operations.

Dr. Barclay initiated and managed distance learning programs, including creation of a worldwide satellite network and video, CD, and Web-based training for global usage. In 1996, with access to the initial software application developed for live communication online, Dr. Barclay was one of the U. S. pioneers who identified and advanced best practices for online facilitation, work that has influenced today’s Internet meeting and instructional webinar applications.  Since returning to the academic world from high-tech, she has been a professor of psychology, research, leadership, and business management.  Dr. Barclay has helped guide over 60 students to successfully graduate with doctoral degrees.

Holding a Ph.D. in Psychology/Organizational Systems, she has been an international facilitator and conference speaker, published book and article author, and member of several Boards.  Dr. Barclay is a SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP), a certified executive Coach with an international consulting firm, certified as a Positive Psychology Coach, and holds the international designation of Solution Focused Business Professional Coach.  Dr. Barclay is the President of Blue Coral Coaching Solutions.  She is a member of SHRM, Association for the Quality Development of Solution Focused Consulting and Training, International Positive Psychology Association, and Institute of Coaching Professional Association.  Dr. Barclay gets great satisfaction from working with students in the online classroom and intends to continue guiding doctoral students for many years.

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