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Dr. Sean Preston

Dr. Sean Preston has been an educator for 19 years, with the University of Phoenix for six years, and a facilitator with the School of Advanced Studies for the past five years.  Dr. Preston enjoys facilitating the curriculum series group studies courses as well as residency classes and dissertation mentoring.

In 2014 he was invited to become a Lead Faculty Area Chair for the K-12 EDD Program.  He has three graduate degrees in educational leadership and is a published author of historical fiction.

Currently, Dr. Preston is the Headmaster of The John Crosland School in Charlotte, NC.  The John Crosland School is a K-13 independent school for students with multi-modal learning and attention differences.  The John Crosland School has been ranked 12th in the nation among 2,500 LD schools.  At Crosland, Dr. Preston has implemented The Odyssey Project and The Pathfinder Program; the Odyssey Project is a robust blended learning, assistive technology platform that caters to each child’s individual learning profile.  This platform has garnered the attention of Microsoft, who named The John Crosland School a “Showcase School” in 2014.  The Pathfinder Program is a post-graduate year of study for LD students who may need assistance navigating the rigors of college.

Additionally, Dr. Preston is the co-founder of the, Two Hired Guns educational and executive consulting firm.  Dr. Preston has been married to his wife Jillian for 8 years, has a daughter named Ella, and is expecting a new baby boy in October.

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