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5 ways to reach out to fellow graduates

How to find alumni

Succeeding in business is often about whom you know. But how do you stay in touch with the people you meet to continually expand your network and help boost your career?

Consider calling on your fellow alumni for help. At University of Phoenix, graduates have a number of options to makes these connections. “We’re trying to make it really easy for graduates to connect,” says Nikki Sandoval, executive director of the Alumni Association.

Here are five ways to maximize the benefits of your alumni base:


Use the directory.

As a University graduate, you have access to a network of more than 772,000 alumni. Once you’re an alum, you can register online, Sandoval says, and search the directory to find grads in your region or profession.

“Look for graduates employed at a desirable company in your field who have checked an option in their profile stating they’d like to be a company referral,” Sandoval suggests. “These are people who want to help. You can contact them and request an informational interview about their company or inquire about corporate culture.”


Sign up to get a mentor.

Graduates may request a peer mentor on the Get Involved tab on the Alumni Association website and then fill out an online survey specifying the type of support they seek in a mentor, from interview tips to inside-industry guidance.


Join an alumni chapter near you.

With 22 chapters in cities across the country, these individual alumni-led clubs offer regular networking activities and organized community service projects, all of which are complimentary for graduates.

The idea behind these events is to foster an ongoing sense of community for graduates in various regions. Check out the cities with alumni chapters to find out if there’s one in your area.


Attend a homecoming event.

In the fall, the University holds a variety of homecoming events around the country, from professional sports outings to casual picnics. Each event includes a networking option, such as a Bingo-game mixer, Sandoval notes.

“Most people hear the word ‘homecoming,’ and they automatically assume it involves traveling to Phoenix, but that’s not true,” she says. “Last year, we held 80 events in 44 different states.”


Connect through social media.

The alumni Facebook® page lists more than 125,000 “likes.” In addition, there are individual Facebook pages for alumni chapters. You can also join the LinkedIn® alumni group, where you can locate nearby professionals in your field.

Like to Tweet? Check out the alumni Twitter® account, which follows numerous graduates who’ve started their own businesses.

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