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5 ways Graduation Teams support students

5 ways Graduation Teams support students

Choosing the right school just got even more important: U.S. graduation rates were only 38 percent in 2010; Canadian rates were nearly 60 percent for that same time period. Knowing this, it’s essential that you choose a college that works with you from enrollment to graduation. Graduation teams at University of Phoenix support students even before they enroll. Each team is made up of three representatives specializing in an important area of student life: enrollment, academic and finance.

Not only do Graduation Teams assist with the practical realities of a higher education, including paying for school and balancing work, life and college — they also help students remain focused for the duration.

Anthony Ortiz, an enrollment manager, explains, “We invest in training our Graduation Teams to create the best student experience possible.” Here, five ways these teams help students make their way toward the finish line, according to representatives from around the country:

1. Graduation Teams create personalized plans for each student.
“I know the enrollment process and the challenges of being a working learner,” says Donald Robinson, who is an Enrollment Representative. “I eliminate the guesswork to help my students feel confident and secure, so they can focus on learning.”

2. They encourage students to stay focused.
Eric Peterson, an Enrollment Representative, checks in regularly. “I remind my students that they must be proactive, self-disciplined and intentionally working on their assignments every day. If you want to move your action plans ahead, you must write them down and dedicate the time to complete them. School is an intense venture and you have to plan for downtime, time for family and schoolwork.”

3. They provide support, no matter where students are in their program.
“We talk with students who have fallen by the wayside because we want them to remember what they’ve invested and what they have to gain by sticking with it,” explains Jeanine Sandford, an Academic Advisor. “I remind them of the growth that they’ve experienced and the person that they’re going to be when the journey is done. Seeing students grow in confidence throughout their academic journey is my reward.”

4. They understand what it's like to be working learners.
“While I completed my MBA program, I worked full-time and was a parent,” shares Peterson. “Time management is important have resources at your fingertips and a command of the website to maximize time; and use technology to become an efficient learner.”

5. They can make you feel part of a community.
“Even though University of Phoenix is the largest private university in the United States,” explains Sandford, “I like making my students feel like we’re all part of a small community. I want to build trust and value into their experience as a student."