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Phoenix Career Services launches planning tools

Phoenix Career Services

When it comes to your career, you probably have questions: How could your passions translate into a profession? What does the local market look like in your chosen industry? What do you need to do to reach your professional goals?

Phoenix Career Services can help you start figuring out the answers.

These career-planning tools and resources are offered by University of Phoenix to help students make more informed decisions about their professional futures. They provide a continuum of career support that lasts long after getting your degree.

Anyone can use the Career Interest Profiler and the Job Market Research Tool at no charge. Investing a few minutes in the profiler will reveal your top three interest areas and corresponding career areas.

With the market research tool, you get current information about the careers that interest you, so you can explore local labor market data detailing job demand, skills, typical salary ranges and who’s hiring for those jobs.

Upgrading your skills has always been important, but it’s especially critical when there’s so much competition.

After enrolling at the University, you’ll begin creating My Career Plan. The plan combines out-of-classroom activities that complement your coursework to build key skills you’ll need to reach your chosen profession.

Phoenix Careers Services helps you align your education not only to potential career options, but to the workplace needs of today’s employers.

“University of Phoenix leveraged its relationships with many top employers across the nation and discussed their needs and their challenges in finding job applicants with the right education and skill sets,” explains Barry Feierstein, chief business operating officer at the University. “Phoenix Career Services is a direct result of those conversations.”

It may be hard to fathom employers having difficulty finding appropriate applicants when there are so many people willing to do those jobs, even if they don’t meet all of the qualifications. Abby Kohut, a recruiting and human resource executive and spokesperson for Phoenix Career Services, says it’s because today’s workplace requires job-specific skills, as well as soft skills to fit into the company culture.

“Upgrading your skills has always been important, but it’s especially critical when there’s so much competition,” Kohut says, adding that job hunters must take control of their careers.

“Our students are largely working adults who want to change their career trajectory through higher education,” Feierstein notes. “The value Phoenix Career Services provides is in its ability to tie education to meaningful careers in a way that meets current job market demands.”

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