Education partnership: The GEO Group and University of Phoenix

When you’re an educated law enforcement professional

… you can do more with less

Law enforcement agencies, like yours, are underfunded and understaffed, and you understand that stretching resources requires both effective management and education. So do we. That’s why The GEO Group has partnered with University of Phoenix, to offer access to degree programs that prepare you to lead your law enforcement agency.

Leadership skills are developed

It takes more than a title to manage well. A true leader must have the ability to establish trust, inspire peers and set attainable goals. The GEO Group recognizes that leaders with these qualities are developed from within. Our education partnership allows you to combine the skills you have with the education you need, so you can make a bigger contribution to your agency.

You don’t keep normal business hours

You entered law enforcement to serve your community and reduce crime, leaving little time for you to further your education in a classroom setting. Fortunately, University of Phoenix offers degree programs in organizational management, information technology and more — all in a flexible online format.

Leaders building leaders

At University of Phoenix, we believe in using real-world scenarios to educate students. That’s why faculty members in the College of Security and Criminal Justice don’t just teach — they work as special agents, district attorneys, chiefs of police, sheriffs and wardens. Learn by their examples — then lead by them.

Stay current in your field with individual courses in criminal justice administration.

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Maryland residents completing undergraduate degree programs will earn an emphasis rather than a concentration in a particular area of study.

With our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), you may be able to earn college credit toward your associate or bachelor's degree from institutional or corporate training courses you have already completed. University of Phoenix and your employer have created a Credit Recommendation Guide, which may allow you to transition your employee development accomplishments into elective credit. Learn more about the PLA process by viewing our tutorial.

The use of the phrase education partner or education partnership is for marketing purposes only and is not intended to create a legal partnership.

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration, Master of Public Administration and Master of Science in Administration of Justice and Security programs are educational degree programs and do not guarantee that a student will meet the particular requirements or qualifications to become a law enforcement, corrections or peace officer at the state, national or international level. Students who are interested in pursuing such professions are encouraged to check with the applicable agencies for a list of requirements.

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Save on tuition

Take advantage of 6% off the cost of tuition when you enroll in any degree program, certificate or individual course at University of Phoenix.

School of Business

Stopping crime is one thing — keeping your agency running smoothly is another.

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For your support staff

Strengthen your agency with courses that develop your skills in database administration and web programming. View degree programs from the College of Information Systems and Technology.