Online Programming Degree Concentration

At University of Phoenix, an online programming degree is one of several concentrations available in the online Associate of Arts with a concentration in Information Technology program. The online IT programming concentration includes developing C++ applications using the Integrated Development Environment, using Web forms, style sheets and more.

An Online Programming Degree with Practical Application

While earning your online programming degree concentration, you’ll learn and then apply foundational knowledge and skills. In the online programming degree concentration you’ll carry out programming tasks through remote access to real hardware and software. Additionally, the online programming degree courses will place you in scenario-based activities, meaning you’ll face real-world situations.

Graduate with confidence. Not all online programming degrees provide practical, hands-on experience. At University of Phoenix, you'll receive more than 100 hours of hands-on experience on real machines in real settings. The online programming degree concentration creates a safe place to learn from real-world challenges. In short, the online programming degree offers the freedom to experiment, and trial and error opportunities to learn.

Prepare for Certification with an Online Programming Degree

University of Phoenix’s online programming degree prepares students for IT industry certifications including Microsoft® Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD). You’ll learn Sun Java programming language, Microsoft .NET Development Platform, Microsoft Visual Studio and more.

Salary Survey 2008 in Certification Magazine states that job candidates who hold degrees in addition to certifications can expect to fare better than their competition when they are applying for jobs. According to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report, those jobs are worth landing. The average hourly wage for computer programmers as of May 2008 was $35.32, with average annual earnings of $73,470 (Information is not specific to graduates of University of Phoenix degree programs).

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