Small Classes

Small classes

At University of Phoenix, we believe that small classes are an important part of your success. Keeping class sizes down means that instructors are accessible, and that you’re held accountable for your own academic achievement. We have an average of 15 students or less in each class. We believe you learn more when you can interact with your classmates and your instructors. This intimate classroom setting provides you with a place to practice, try out new ideas, develop communication skills and test your leadership abilities. We’ve found that this kind of active engagement helps build self-confidence and teamwork—two skills that employers are looking for.

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Graduation Teams

Going back to school takes commitment and determination, but it also takes support. Once you enroll, you’ll have a team of advisors to guide you every step of the way. They’ll be there to answer your questions and to help you stay on track. Read More ›

Learn from Professionals

Our instructors hold advanced degrees and work in the fields they teach. This means you’re not just learning theory, you’re gaining valuable insight you can apply on the job. A degree looks good on the wall, but competence looks great in the workplace. Read More ›


With online programs and over 100 learning centers, your educational goals are closer than you think. We offer creative educational models that are designed around your demanding schedule. If you’re ready to fit school into your life, we make it possible. Read More ›