Virtual Organizations

A textbook can only give you so much knowledge. The rest comes from putting what you learn into practice. That’s why we believe in helping you bring theory to life. We’ve created a customized set of learning tools specifically designed to teach you the problem-solving skills you’ll need to help you succeed in today’s fast-paced world. 

Through our Virtual Organizations platform, you’ll use the knowledge you’re learning in class to come up with practical solutions to real-world scenarios organizations must solve for every day.

Many of our degree programs feature virtual organizations across multiple industries. 

Leveraging Innovation and Technology to Produce Business Solutions

Here’s how our Virtual Organizations platform works: You’ll be presented with a business problem and be asked to solve for it. 

To help guide your thinking, you’ll have access to a variety of data including the company’s internet and intranet site, employee files, financial information, contracts and memos. 

In a business program you may be asked to sift through an organization’s business records to help create a succession plan. In an education program, you may use a virtual school to check your students’ test scores or to learn how to set up your classroom for optimal learning.

And in some cases, you’ll even be asked to make a decision without sufficient information.

Through practice, you’ll learn how to make the tough choices in class so that when you’re out there in the real world, you’ll intuitively know what information you need to get the job done right. 

UOPX School of Business

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