Student Services

University of Phoenix is dedicated to serving our students, from enrollment to graduation—and beyond. We’ll help you make the most of your time, provide the services you deserve and help you achieve the success you desire.

Services Offered:

As a University of Phoenix student, you receive Graduation Team guidance from expert advisors. Your enrollment representative will answer your questions and streamline the process of preparing for school. Your finance representative can help you arrange the financial options that are best for you. And your academic representative is available to ensure your success, whether it’s helping you create a schedule that meets your needs or making sure you are on track to graduate.

At University of Phoenix, you can conduct all of your administrative business online, including registering for class, updating your account, downloading textbooks and learning materials—even checking your schedule and grades. Other online services available through your student website include a GPA calculator, transfer credit information, degree completion requirements, financial services and transcript requests.

It’s reassuring to know that technical support is available 24/7, except major holidays. All you have to do is call and a knowledgeable representative will answer your questions or help you solve technical issues.

Imagine going to the library any day, anytime, anywhere. At University of Phoenix, our online library offers a vast array of scholarly and professional research materials. Although it’s digitally updated and remotely accessible, the library has a full-time team of professional librarians and research specialists who oversee the online collection and are available to assist you with academic research.

Current students, access the University Library by logging onto eCampus, the student website.

At University of Phoenix, you enjoy 24/7 access to several software tutorials, as well as online writing and math assistance. Specifically, the Center for Writing Excellence offers an automated system that can review your papers for correct grammar and usage. Reviews by faculty members and other experts also are available, along with Web-based writing tutorials.

Similarly, the Center for Mathematics Excellence provides helpful online assistance. Need a refresher for basic math or algebra? Want help understanding statistics? Supportive, easy-to-follow tutorials and exercises can give you the confidence you need.

Many University of Phoenix locations also offer additional services to support students. For instance, many locations have Resource Centers, which provide services such as workshops, computers, Internet access, study rooms and printing or copying.

As a University of Phoenix student you get complimentary access to a Life Resource Center. Through this resource you can get help managing life’s responsibilities while focusing on your academics. Get life and career coaching, tips on managing your finances and your time, as well as access to more than 5,000 resources on a variety of topics.

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Get the information you need about admissions at University of Phoenix. Here you’ll find all you need about enrolling in a degree program, including a tuition calculator, paying for school and transferring credits.

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Orientation workshop


Ensure that you're ready for college now by attending an orientation workshop. You’ll learn about our online learning system and the innovative learning tools available to students.

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What you'll experience

Before you enroll, we want you to be informed about the time and financial commitments you'd take on.

University of Phoenix
What to expect video

In school, as in life, clarity is good...Confusion isn't.

No one GETS THAT more than the faculty and staff at University of Phoenix.

That's why we thought it would be helpful to walk you through what to expect...

...and what not to expect...when you attend our University...

...and enroll for course work towards a diploma.

Before you enroll in our University, we must politely ask...

...are you truly willing to make the commitment?

Education requires hard work and dedication.

It demands financial resources.

You'll need to study. You'll need to spend fifteen to twenty hours per week.

You'll need to login to our student website at least four times per week for active class discussion.
Are you willing and able to do that? Are you sure?

Thomas Edison defined genius as "one percent inspiration...ninety nine percent perspiration."

The same is true of education. To succeed at University of Phoenix...'ll need to apply yourself and be willing to work hard.

To say the least, we want all of our students to succeed...but you'll need to do your part.

Of course, every job requires proper tools. Education is no different.

Students enrolled in our online programs or in our local campuses...

...must have access to a computer or a laptop.

To do the work assigned, you'll need the necessary supplies and software.

The better equipped you are, the more empowered you'll feel to perform.

Now a brief word about financing.

As you probably know, education isn't free. And money doesn't grow on trees.

Like checkout at any store, paying for tuition is a requirement.

We recommend you plan your financing in advance.

You may qualify for a loan. You may qualify for a grant.

But ALL students are responsible for meeting their financial commitments...

...and all loans need to be repaid when you successfully complete your degree program or if you withdraw from the University for any reason.

Before you make your final decision, we encourage you to thoughtfully consider whether these are commitments you are able and ready to fulfill.

We know you have a choice in schools and you'll need to weigh your options.

Other schools may offer similar programs at a lower cost. Only you can decide which school is the best fit for you.

But if your choice is University of Phoenix, we welcome you....and we'll look forward to helping you unlock your fullest potential.


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Student Experience

Discover the University of Phoenix student experience, featuring enrollment, financial and academic services. 

Disability Services

Our Disability Services Office serves students with temporary health issues or permanent disabilities. Find out about available services, eligibility requirements and how to apply for accommodations.