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Paid Social Media Marketing

Learn how successful digital marketers run strategic social media marketing campaigns with popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and more! Discover how to use social media platform tools to target the right audience, set budgets, launch and measure campaigns.

This course helps prepare you to test for Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate.¹

¹ This course is not endorsed by Meta Platforms

Skills you'll learn:

  • Evaluate the specific advantages and outcomes associated with paid social media marketing efforts

  • Outline a strategic campaign using multiple social media platforms, target audience, competitors and budget

  • Advertise on other social media platforms, including: Twitter®, TikTok, Snapchat™, Reddit® and LinkedIn®²

  • Measure and evaluate the effectiveness of paid social media marketing campaigns

Key topics:

  • Social media marketing strategies

  • Managing paid social media campaigns

  • Budgeting and measuring campaigns

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What's included in this course:

  • Self-paced, 100% online
  • 4 job-ready skills
  • No books or materials needed
  • Finish course in approx. 30 hrs
  • Access to course for 1 year
  • Certificate of completion
  • 7-day satisfaction guarantee
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Reasons to buy for business:

  • Employees can get registered and start learning today
  • Track employee progress
  • Finish course in approx. 30 hrs
  • Helps prep for 1 certification exam

Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate exam prep

Successfully completing this course can help you prepare for the Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate exam.

Course outline

  • Course Introduction
    • Getting Started
    • Course Welcome
  • Module 1: Identify Advantages of Paid Social Marketing
    • Introduction to Advantages of Paid Social Marketing
    • Defining Social Media Marketing
    • Advantages of Paid Social Marketing Key Concepts
    • Advantages of Paid Social Marketing Skills Assessment
  • Module 2: Leverage Strategic Campaigns
    • Introduction to Campaign Strategy
    • Knowing Your Audience, Leveraging Top Platforms, and Competition
    • Campaign Strategy Key Concepts
    • Campaign Strategy Skills Assessment
  • Module 3: Create Advertising Campaigns
    • Introduction to Campaign Creation
    • Creating Stand Out Ads and Avoiding Pitfalls
    • Campaign Creation Key Concepts
    • Campaign Creation Skills Assessment
  • Module 4: Track and evaluate Paid Social Campaigns
    • Introduction to Paid Campaign Tracking and Evaluation
    • Social Media Platforms and Metrics
    • Paid Campaign Tracking and Evaluation Key Concepts
    • Paid Campaign Tracking and Evaluation Skills Assessment
  • Module 5: Meta Certification Exam Prep
    • Introduction to Certification Exam Prep
    • Meta Practice Exams and Study Guide
  • Course Conclusion
    • Course Wrap Up

Tools and resources you can access after purchasing:

  • Paid Media Monthly Budget Planning and Reporting Template

    This downloadable template supports the process of planning and monitoring the performance of advertising and media buying spend, engagement, and ROI.

  • Social Media Marketing Resources

    This PDF contains links to resources curated by marketing professionals to help support your growing knowledge and skill sets in this course.

Showcase your achievement

Share your Certificate of Completion and Professional Development Badge by uploading them to your social media profiles, such as LinkedIn®² , when you’ve successfully completed your course with a score of 85% or higher.

² LinkedIn is a registered trademark of LinkedIn Corporation and its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.

Sample certificate and badge for Paid Social Media Marketing course

Frequently asked questions

The Paid Social Marketing course could be the right for you if you are interested in learning about strategic campaign building, target audiences, and evaluating your campaign efforts. This Paid Social Marketing course could also help you grow your career in the digital marketing field.

Purchasing the Paid Social Marketing course can be a great first step in growing your campaign building skills. You should consider purchasing this course if you're interested in learning more about how to create and manage an advertising campaign.

All skill levels are welcome to take this course. There are no prerequisites for this non-credit course.

Can this Paid Social Marketing course help me prepare for a certification exam? This course helps prepare you to test for the Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate certification. This course is not endorsed by Meta Platforms.

The Paid Social Marketing course has four modules comprised of subjects like “creating advertising campaigns” and “leveraging strategic campaigns.” Each module has a knowledge check and brief assessment to validate your skills. You can expect each course to take 30 hours or less, and all courses are 100% online and self-paced.


A course covers one subject and an average of 4 job-ready skills. Select courses help prepare you to test for one industry certification exam.


A track is a collection of our courses at a discounted price. All tracks help prepare you to test for at least one industry certification exam.