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HR training and recertification at your fingertips

Help improve the skill set of your human resources professionals.

How could improving human resources (HR) training within your organization impact all your employees?

  • — Facilitate —

    difficult but necessary discussions so everyone feels heard and appreciated

  • — Deliver —

    information across all levels of an organization

  • — Develop —

    HR initiatives, manage their implementation and report on their impact

  • Take advantage of existing HR training solutions – or create your own!

    We offer ready-to-launch, self-led training and the ability to create unique content specific to your business.
    https://strapi.phoenix.eduIcon - Brave Converastions

    Brave Conversations in the Workplace

    • Evaluate the characteristics of a safe workplace
    • Foster inclusive team building through shared meanings
    https://strapi.phoenix.eduIcon - Human Resources.svg

    Human Resources: Practical Leadership

    • Model leadership behaviors critical to cultural congruency and organizational success
    • Apply strategies to lead and focus employees in complex, disruptive and unpredictable situations
    https://strapi.phoenix.eduIcon - Inclusive Leadership.svg

    Business Acumen for Human Resource Professionals

    • Evaluate the organization's goals and strategic plans to drive effective results within an organization
    • Align auditing concepts, tools, and techniques with organizational HR strategy
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    Learn on the go with 100%-online training

    Your HR professionals can make the most of their time with online training that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.


    A recertification partner

    University of Phoenix Professional Development is recognized by SHRM and HRCI to offer recertification credits.


    AI-powered video assessments

    Employees can practice their new communication skills by submitting video responses to real-world situations that are evaluated by an AI for rate of speech, use of filler and more.

    Invest in your HR professionals. Empower your whole team.

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    Skills library

    Create a skills-building series that meets your specific needs

  • https://strapi.phoenix.eduIcon - Flexible and Scalable.svg

    Flexible and scalable

    100%-online learning with AI-powered, adaptive learning skills assessments

  • https://strapi.phoenix.eduIcon - Handshake.svg

    HR expertise

    SHRM and HRCI-approved recertification provider

  • https://strapi.phoenix.eduIcon - Checkmark.svg

    Measure effectiveness

    Use real-time, data-driven insights to track skill comprehension

  • Learn more about how our flexible training solutions can help you reach your goals.

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