Arm yourself for what's coming

Together, Manpower and University of Phoenix are offering actively assigned eligible Manpower associates full tuition coverage in pursuit of a first-time bachelor's degree.

Manpower, in partnership with University of Phoenix, can arm you for the jobs of tomorrow.

The job market is constantly changing with new jobs being created and some jobs even going away. Manpower understands that and is providing a no-cost college education, among its repertoire of MyPath resources, to help individuals prepare for the ever changing world of work.

How it Works

Manpower and University of Phoenix are committed to helping you achieve your educational goals.

1. Enroll at University of Phoenix 

Click the “Get Started” button above to complete the form and an advisor will contact you to get you started toward earning your degree.

2. Attend Your Classes

Our Faculty will guide you through your studies where you'll engage rich content, practice your knowledge and receive personalized immersive feedback on your projects.

3. Learn & Progress

Thanks to Manpower, you'll take your courses without any tuition costs and progress toward earning your degree!

Frequently Asked Questions

Associates can explore other MyPath resources available through Manpower at Manpower MyPath resources.

Explore the educational possibilities

We offer programs aimed at helping you reach your professional goals. Our programs are flexible and designed to fit the changing needs of the industry. Programs eligible for the Full College Tuition Coverage Program include bachelor’s degrees in:

Available programs near you

Find a degree program available in your area. Provide your location and select a program based on area of interest, degree level and preferred learning format. Associates, masters, doctoral degree programs, and bachelor degree programs in the College of Nursing, College of Education and Counseling degrees from the College of Humanities and Sciences are not included in the Full College Tuition Coverage Program.

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