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Social Media Marketing Essentials course information and purchase details

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Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing Essentials

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Discover how to leverage the power of social media to impact an organization at various levels. Focusing on the top five social media platforms and tools used to drive traffic, you’ll learn how to craft quality content and use marketing analytics to create overall strategy.

Learn how to:

  • Identify the elements of social media platforms

  • Understand the components of a social media strategy

  • Develop content that will engage social media followers

  • Leverage social media platforms

  • Measure and automate Marketing efforts

Explore in-demand skills in areas like:

  • Identification applications for platforms according to their affordances.

  • Social media marketing planning

  • Interpretation of analytics for social media marketing

  • Campaign performance evaluation

View all skills in detail

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Social Media Marketing Essentials

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  • Course level
    FoundationalCourse level
  • Course format
    Self-ledCourse format
  • Estimated learning time
    30 hrsEstimated learning time
  • Access to course
    1 yearAccess to course

Finish this course and earn a certificate of completion to display on your resume or LinkedIn®.

Retain the skills you learn.
Apply them day one.

Your efforts and achievements will be tracked throughout the course, so you know when you're hitting the mark - and when you're not. Your progress will be determined by your ability to demonstrate a skill and apply it immediately; not just answering questions and moving to the next learning module.

Is this course for you?

The Professional:

  • You're looking to upgrade your social media strategy.
  • You're looking to use marketing analytics to drive business goals and outcomes.

The Learner:

  • You're interested in learning how social media can help you grow your business.
  • You're interested in knowing more about the top social media platforms.

What's included

Course outline:

  • Course Overview
    • Getting Started
  • Module 1: From Initial Strategy to Execution - Devising the Optimal Social Media Marketing Campaign
    • #Word: Module 1
    • Phoenix Reels: Course Introduction
    • Lesson 1: Developing a Social Media Foundation
    • Lesson 2: Creating Your Social Media Strategy
    • Lesson 3: Building Your Social Media Organization
    • Lesson 4: Crafting High-Quality Content
    • #FYI Module 1: Did you Know?
    • Module 1: IRL Practice #1
    • Module 1: Reflection
    • #IYKYK Module 1: Summative Assessment
  • Module 2: Creating Your Social Media Strategy
    • #Word - Module 2
    • Lesson 5: Facebook
    • Lesson 6: Twitter
    • Lesson 7: LinkedIn
    • Lesson 8: Pinterest
    • Lesson 9: Instagram
    • Leveling Up: Paid Advertising Across Platforms
    • #FYI Module 2: Did you Know?
    • Module 2: IRL Practice #2
    • Module 2: Reflection
    • #IYKYK Module 2: Summative Assessment
  • Module 3: Measuring Your Social Media Performance
    • #Word - Module 3
    • Lesson 12: Measuring Your Social Media Performance
    • Lesson 13: Fine-Tuning How You Measure Progress
    • Lesson 14: Leveling Up with Google Analytics
    • #FYI Module 3: Did you Know?
    • Module 3: IRL Practice #3
    • Module 3: Reflection
    • #IYKYK Module 3: Summative Assessment
  • Module 4: Building Your Social Media Organization
    • #Word - Module 4
    • Leveling Up: Deciphering Data to Make Decisions
    • Interactivity: Post This, Not That
    • Lesson 10: Social Media Automation
    • Lesson 11: Social Media and Your Team
    • #FYI Module 4: Did you Know?
    • Module 4: IRL Practice #4
    • Module 4: Reflection
    • #IYKYK Module 4: Summative Assessment
  • Course Conclusion
    • Course Conclusion

Skills you'll gain with this course:

  • Identification applications for platforms according to their affordances.

    Identify social media platforms and distinguish applications based upon platform affordances.

  • Social media marketing planning

    Assess planning and execution of social media marketing campaigns for viability and effectiveness, given specific market and campaign parameters.

  • Interpretation of analytics for social media marketing

    Interpret relevant analytics regarding campaign performance for a given metric and campaign goal.

  • Campaign performance evaluation

    Evaluate campaign performance for iterative improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our professional development courses are structured and you will be guided through the experience.

  • You’ll complete bite-sized lessons of instructions.
  • Each lesson will be approximately 60 minutes.
  • After you complete the lessons in each module, you will be assessed.
  • Review and complete the assessment as many times as you like, to make sure you’re absorbing all the content.
  • Upon successful completion, you will move to the next lesson.

You’ll have up to 12 months to complete your short course from the time you purchase it.

When you’re done, you will receive a certificate of completion you can display on your LinkedIn® profile.

It’s a simple, two-step process.

STEP 1: Sign up with a social media account or your personal email.

STEP 2: Pay with your credit card and start your course.

All you have to do is complete the lessons in the order they appear, until you’re done. That’s it.

These professional development courses do not align to industry-recognized certifications.

You may request a refund at anytime within seventy-two (72) hours of purchase for any reason. After the 72 hour period, no refunds will be granted. To request a refund, please contact the professional development team by email at You will lose access to the course once we begin processing your refund.

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase. Additionally, University of Phoenix does not offer these professional development courses in certain countries. Individuals who reside in certain countries may not enroll in a professional development course unless they are a U.S. Citizen or affiliated with the U.S. Military, subject to Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) restrictions.

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To purchase and access the Course you must register through  and you will be required to provide information about yourself including your name, email address, username and password and other personal information. You agree that any registration information you provide will always be accurate, correct and up-to-date. The Course and the relevant login details are solely for your use. You may not share or permit any other person to access the Course under your credentials. The Course may only be used by you as permitted herein and may not be sold or distributed without prior written consent from University of Phoenix. Your access to the Course may be revoked for failure to abide by these Terms of Use or upon nonpayment. You can access the Course immediately upon purchase. You will receive access to the Course for a period of 365 days from the date of purchase. After 365 days you will no longer have access to the Course.  

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