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Admin features to help manage employee training

Take control of your online employee training program with our suite of admin features.

Manage training at your fingertips

With Professional Development, you’re in control of your employee training. From managing registration to reporting, we want you to feel empowered in launching an online program to upskill employees. Explore our suite of digital tools to see how we support you in supporting your business goals.
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    License Management

    Register employees for training, track their progress and more with our Licensee Management system.
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    Rapid reporting

    Gain analytics into how well employees do in training and how confident they are in their new skills.
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    Skills Center

    Choose unique Skills Pathways and skill modules to address specific employee needs.
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    LMS Integration

    Integrate our skill modules with your LMS to provide employees with a seamless training experience.

License Management system

Manage registration, track progress, and purchase additional training all in one convenient place!
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Registration made easy

Get employees

We make it easy to register any number of employees for training all at once. Or generate a link to enable employees to register themselves for select skill modules and Pathways.

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Status updates at a glance

Track employee

Stay on top of your training program with a complete view of who is registered for training, who started their training, which skill they successfully demonstrated and when they finished.

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Automated communications

Engage with

Give employees the encouragement to complete their learning with the click of a button and an automated email to nudge them toward registration and kicking off their training program.

We make

LMS integration

easy to create a

seamless learning


for your team and less stress for you. University of Phoenix Professional Development can connect to your third-party systems

securely and


Our online training can integrate with several popular LMS providers and can be accessed by your business’s existing

single sign-on (SSO)



How we support you so you can support your team

Technical support

We’re here to help resolve any technical issues you may have while using our platform.

Skills gap identification

Our team of professionals can help you identify skills gaps in your organization.

Skill selection

Let us guide you in selecting skill modules and Skills Pathways to address the needs of your workforce.


advanced analytics

can help you understand how misinformation and uncertainty are dispersed in the mind of each individual employee.


soft-skill evaluations

can help identify skills gaps and provide qualitative and quantitative feedback on employee communication skills.


Unlock the full potential of our Skills Center


Explore our Skills Center to
see what we offer

We already offer nearly 100 skill modules and several Skills Pathways based on industry data (Lightcast) that could help your upskill employees to support your business goals.

Skills Center

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Build a Tailored Pathway

Select only the skill modules that you want and build a Tailored Pathway unique to your business. Training content and assessments can be modified to suit your needs.

Tailored Pathways

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Create a Custom Pathway
just for you

We’ll work with you every step of the way to strategize, research, build, test and implement new skill modules and Skills Pathway with custom training materials made specifically for your business.

Custom Pathways

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