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Skill assessments that enhance your training

Create a results-driven training program with assessments built for learning effectiveness.

Learning designed for impact

Our approach to learning incorporates cutting-edge assessments to elevate your training experience. Each skill module includes at least one assessment to give employees an opportunity to demonstrate their comprehension of the training materials.
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    Confidence-based assessments

    Help employees increase knowledge retention and identify skill gaps.
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    AI-powered video assessments

    Practice communication skills with AI on topics important for your team.

More than a test —
designed to improve understanding and application

Learning is about more than content — it should encompass the art and science of assessment to produce knowledge and meaningful learning.
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Evidence-based approach


Our assessments are designed to support skill building that is reliable, effective, actionable and long-lasting.

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Foster rapid learning


Assessments enable employees to make real-time adjustments that can support a more effective learning experience.

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Real-world scenarios


Go beyond simple recall with assessments based on a diverse series of real-world scenarios that help employees demonstrate new skills.

AI-powered video


help employees practice their new communication skills. Employees react to

real-world scenarios

by submitting video responses that are instantly


by an AI

for rate of speech, inclusion of keywords and use of filler and unclear words.


Support your business goals and team

Our training programs are designed to help you and your workforce feel confident that they can effectively use their new skills once they’ve successfully completed our situated and applied skill assessments. 
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    Workforce support

    Enable employees to build skills they can readily apply to their jobs
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    Employee engagement

    Build confidence among your team through interactive learning
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    Results driven

    Motivate your workforce with quick feedback and rapid learning
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    Training analytics

    Discover cost-effective and consistent learning insights into employee performance



are designed to provide a more comprehensive measure of a persons knowledge,

increase knowledge

retention and

identify topics

in which they are misinformed. Employees indicate which answers they believe are correct while also indicating how confident they feel with their selections.


Advanced metrics and analytics

Identify risk with actionable interventions

Learn how to have an efficient and productive conversation when you begin to see how misinformation, knowledge gaps, uncertainty and struggle are dispersed in the mind of each individual.
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Increases speed to performance

Train, assess, validate and certify soft skills and proficiency, while also identifying training gaps sooner with qualitative and quantitative feedback for rate of speech, use of filler and unclear words, and use of desired keywords and phrases for each individual.