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Our training experience supports employee learning

Discover what your employees can expect from our user-friendly training programs designed to improve learning outcomes.

Flexible, self-led online training

Our evidence-based approach to learning is designed to help employees enhance skill building while lowering training costs. Our 100%-online platform is easy to use and enables employees to learn and demonstrate new, career-focused skills. Employees learn through self-led training, at anytime from anywhere, with innovative assessments that replicate real-world scenarios to help increase skill retention.
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    Skill assessments

    Situated, applied assessments give your employees the opportunity to demonstrate their skill comprehension.
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    Career-focused skills

    Your employees can learn some of the most in-demand skills across multiple industries.
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    Self-led, self-paced

    Employees learn on their schedule and can easily navigate content on their own.
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    Real-world scenarios

    Employees practice the practical application of new skills to build confidence and increase retention.

What’s in a skill module?

Skill modules are the building blocks of our training programs. Here's just some of the features employees can find to help improve engagement and support learning goals.

Share success


Successfully completing skill assessments with an 85% or higher can earn your employees digital badges they can display on resumés, email signatures, social media and more.


Practice in real-time

AI-powered video

All soft skills can include an AI-powered video assessment that evaluates user-generated video responses to real-world scenarios to help employees practice and improve their communication skills and demonstrate what they’ve learned.

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Build on prior learning


We structure learning to enable employees to lead themselves through the information in a way that clearly explains new concepts and builds upon itself to help them demonstrate their comprehension of new information.

We leverage the learning sciences to design online training that is

engaging and effective.

Our approach to learning is grounded in data and research to support your business goals with improved learning outcomes, lower training costs and

enhanced skill building.


What employees can expect

Multiple learning modalities 

From videos to interactive scenarios and more, we use a variety of skills-based content to keep employees engaged.

Flexible, 24/7 access

Training content and assessments can be accessed anytime from anywhere – 100% online.

Learner support

We’re available to help employees with any issues they have, from accessing training to sharing digital badges.

How our training experience supports your business


Our evidence-based approach to learning

Our evidenced-based learning approach is designed to support skill building that is reliable, effective and long-lasting to help employees apply their new skills in a real-world, working environment.
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Feel confident in your training program

Go beyond simply seeing if an employee got a question right or wrong, and discover metrics analyzing their confidence level in answering questions and how many attempts it took for them to successfully complete an assessment.
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Certification prep and recertification 

Employees can prepare to take industry certification exams through our Certification Pathways or earn recertification credit hours for associations like SHRM® and HRCI® in our Recertification Pathways.
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Our employee training combines

research from


learning sciences

with the expertise of subject matter experts. We’re continually

analyzing, validating

and adjusting

our training materials based on how employees respond to the learning and

evolving marketplace


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Recertification credits

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Certificate of completion

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Custom content

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Skill badging

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Certification exam prep

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100% online

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Real-world skills

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Skills Pathways

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Engaging content