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Empower employees with IT skills

Help your workforce stay updated with the latest IT trends.

Discover employee IT training solutions

  • — Develop —

    an online IT training program that targets the specific needs of your business

  • — Support —

    the professional growth of your valued employees

  • — Track —

    employee progress as they demonstrate skill comprehension

  • Explore existing IT training solutions – or create your own!

    Choose from self-led, non-college-credit skills or let us help you create a unique training program for your business.
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      AWS Cloud Practitioner

      • Determine the appropriate AWS solution for your specific application
      • Create secure applications within AWS, based on existing security models and best practices
    • https://strapi.phoenix.eduIcon - Inclusive Leadership.svg

      AWS Solutions Architect I

      • Design and build secure and scalable solutions that are resilient and meet technical requirements
      • Maintain customer responsibilities to adhere to the service level agreement and shared responsibility model
    • https://strapi.phoenix.eduIcon - Human Resources.svg

      AWS Solutions Architect II

      • Define a strategy within the shared responsibility model that ensures durability and performance needs are met for data-based services
      • Select the appropriate levels and types of storage services that align with business and technical organization perspectives
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    Up-to-date content

    Our training content is updated to reflect changes in industry standards and certification exams.


    Support learning and development

    Our self-led, non-college-credit training can help show your employees you’re committed to helping them grow professionally.


    Advanced analytics

    Our reporting goes well beyond monitoring right and wrong answers and can provide insights into the confidence your employees have in their new skills.

    Dive into the world of IT with online training

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    Employees can work through training content at their own pace

  • https://strapi.phoenix.eduIcon - Flexible and Scalable.svg

    Scalable and flexible

    Train as many employees as you want with 100%-online content that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere

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    IT expertise

    We develop content in collaboration with industry professionals

  • https://strapi.phoenix.eduIcon - Checkmark.svg

    Measure effectiveness beyond demographics

    Use real-time, data-driven insights to track skill comprehension

  • Learn more about how our flexible training solutions can help you reach your goals.

    We wanted to enhance our training to improve productivity, quality and retention. University of Phoenix Workforce Solutions and Professional Development teams designed and developed three tailored employee professional development workshops for three different groups of employees. The course designs met our requirements and received overwhelmingly positive reviews from trainees. University of Phoenix helped make [training and recruitment] this year a success.

    Stephen J. Henricks Vice President, Strategic InitiativesCareMetx
    Stephen J. Henricks | Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

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