Professional Development

Webinar on Effective Skill Development Strategies for Employee Training

University of Phoenix Professional Development webinar for workplace leaders on how to identify and address skills gaps that may exist within an organization and the evolving job market.

In this webinar, Dr. Michael Kolodziej dives into how to identify and address skill gaps that may exist within your organization and the evolving job market. He provides insight into the important distinctions between skills and knowledge, explores effective methods for skill development, and examines which skills assessment techniques are optimal to help maximize the impact on your business.  

To view the webinar recording, please watch the video below:

In the webinar, workplace leadership learners will:

  • Distinguish skills from knowledge and why it matters
  • Effectively identify skills gaps within an organization and the marketplace
  • Assess skills for a team to make the greatest impact
  • Develop the most appropriate skills based on organizational objectives and three domains of learning (cognitive, affective and psychomotor)
  • Discover strategies for skill development to enhance team performance

Dr. Michael Kolodziej is the founder and Lead Nerd at Instructional DesigNerd, an independent Learning Design and Innovation Consultancy, based in San Diego, CA. He also serves as Director of Educational Program Development for University of Phoenix, developing a skills catalog of non-credit Professional Development courses to help employers deliver career relevant skills through online learning programs and help learners enhance their careers. Over the last 15 years, Michael has served in a variety of professional capacities in the field of learning including being an instructor at the high school and college level, an L&D Professional, Learning Technologist, Learning Designer and Innovator.

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