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University of Phoenix launches diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) professional development course

New course supports accelerated learning for busy working adults in looking to gain skills in the field

PHOENIX, August 11, 2023 University of Phoenix is pleased to offer a new Professional Development course designed for learners to develop key diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) leadership skills, “Strategies for DEI&B Leadership.” This course was developed by the University’s Professional Development (PD) group, subject matter experts and experienced educators across the University of Phoenix, combining experience in high-quality online learning with an informed understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging leadership skills in the workforce.

A recent study found that 80% of businesses have implemented DEI initiatives within their organizations. In turn, organizations with strong diversity, equity and inclusion programs see a competitive edge, with more resilience and adaptability as well as profitability.

“The Strategies for DEI&B Leadership course enables employees to elevate their leadership tools with practical skills to support inclusion, drive change, and excel in today’s diverse workplace,” states Mukund Sudarsan, vice president, general manager of Professional Development at University of Phoenix.

In this new course, learners develop key DEI&B leadership skills such as Celebrating Diversity, Creating Equity, Ensuring Inclusion, and Fostering Belonging. The 100%-online learning modules are interactive and can help build employee confidence with measurable leadership development skill building. The DEI&B learning is designed to engage employees with real-world, interactive scenarios, making learning more impactful and promoting skill development. Each short, skill-building module provides immediate feedback through artificial intelligence (AI) powered video assessments, helping learners practice new skills and demonstrate their knowledge immediately.

The Professional Development courses are available through University of Phoenix’s online learning platform, allowing busy working adult learners to access the courses conveniently and at their own pace. Participants will receive certificates of completion from University of Phoenix.

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