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University of Phoenix Professional Development leads Chief Learning Officer (CLO) webinar on leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for effective training

August 22 webinar led by Dr. Michael Kolodziej provides guidance on impactful workplace learning through AI advancements and innovation

University of Phoenix Professional Development was pleased to lead a Chief Learning Officer (CLO) webinar for workplace leaders on how to unlock impactful workplace learning through artificial intelligence (AI) advancements such as adaptive learning, AI-Chat GPT+, and innovation. The webinar, “Innovations in Learning: How leaders can leverage AI for effective training,” was led by Michael Kolodziej, Ed.D., MBA, director, Educational Programming and Development in Professional Development at University of Phoenix.

To view the webinar, please watch the video below:

A recent study shows that organizations who already adopted AI in at least one function anticipate that it will reshape many roles in the workforce, with nearly four in 10 of these respondents expecting more than 20 percent of their companies’ workforces would be reskilled.

“Technology moves quickly, but human beings need time to adjust,” states Kolodziej. “I urge workplace leaders to join me for a discussion of how they can utilize new AI technologies to improve learning efficacy and experience.”

Dr. Michael Kolodziej is the founder and Lead Nerd at Instructional DesigNerd, an independent Learning Design and Innovation Consultancy, based in San Diego, CA. He also serves as Director of Educational Program Development for University of Phoenix, developing a skills catalog of non-credit Professional Development courses to help employers deliver career relevant skills through online learning programs and help learners enhance their careers. Over the last 15 years, Michael has served in a variety of professional capacities in the field of learning including being an instructor at the high school and college level, a Learning and Development Professional, Learning Technologist, Learning Designer and Innovator.

Intended to benefit business operations in learning and talent development, this webinar offers the opportunity for leaders to tackle enhanced employee performance, efficiencies in training scaling, talent attraction and retention, and gain a competitive edge with data-driven insights, a future-ready workforce, and leadership empowerment.

In the webinar, learners will:

  • explore practical applications of AI, including adaptive learning and AI-Chat GPT+, amplifying learning efficacy and engagement;
  • learn how to leverage technology for widespread impact, with video-based assessments and innovative strategies for large-scale learning;
  • understand the potential challenges of integrating technology in learning, with a focus on navigating the perils of innovation; and
  • discover how to strategically integrate AI-driven tools to enhance learning dimensions and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement.

Professional Development courses are available online through University of Phoenix’s innovative learning platform, allowing busy working adult learners to access the courses conveniently and at their own pace. Participants will receive certificates of completion from University of Phoenix.

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