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Social media marketing professional development courses from University of Phoenix expedite upskilling

New track is designed for busy adults to gain in-demand social media marketing job skills

Social media marketing job skills.

Professional development courses offers learners skill-building opportunities to save time and money outside of a traditional university course load.

According to Emsi Burning Glass, a leader in labor market analysis, there have been nearly 19,000 unique job openings for social media marketing related roles over the last 12 months. There has been a 75% increase from a year ago; with 2,371 unique social media marketing related job openings in October 2020, to 4,143 in October 2021. The new Social Media Marketing track is mapped to in-demand skills employers frequently post in job descriptions, as identified by Emsi Burning Glass. These skills include building social media marketing campaigns, content creation, analytics, working with top social media platforms and more.

 “The track is designed to help people learn new social media marketing skills they can add to their resume in just weeks. These courses are unique because they align to in-demand skills and professional industry certification exams that can help participants demonstrate job skills needed to effectively manage social media platforms.”

– Mukund Sudarsan, vice president general manager of Professional Development at University of Phoenix

The track, which contains two courses, can also prepare individuals to test for a related industry certification exam. The University’s non-credit professional development courses are 100% online, self-directed, and typically take about 30 hours to complete, so learners can finish them on their own schedule.

Learners can review and complete the assessments as many times as they like to ensure they are grasping key concepts and demonstrating the new skill. Upon successful completion of a course, participants can also showcase their new-found skills to employers by sharing a certificate of completion.

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