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La'Quanda Cowan, BSCJA/IH '13

La'Quanda Cowan, BSCJA/IH '13

Meet La'Quanda Cowan,


When La’Quanda Cowan decided to pursue her Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice and Security through University of Phoenix, she dreamed of serving her community in a career she felt passionate about.

Though her goals were clear, she faced plenty of potential obstacles in reaching them. First, she didn’t own a car or a computer. Second, as a single mother of three, she worried that she would miss important moments with her children.


“I’d wait until [my kids] got home from school, and we’d sit at the kitchen table and do our homework together. It kept me grounded." – La'Quanda Cowan, BSCJA/IH '13

Finding a way

What Cowan lacked in tools, she made up for in resourcefulness. No computer? She’d use the one at the library. No car? She’d get there by foot.

“I walked for two-and-a-half years back and forth to the library in rain, sleet and snow—every single day,” she says.

She also found a way to combine her schoolwork with her precious family time. “I’d wait until [my kids] got home from school, and we’d sit at the kitchen table and do our homework together,” she says. “It kept me grounded.”

She also found inspiration in the support her enrollment representative gave her when she began her degree programs. When Cowan called her, “she was there for me,” Cowan recalls.

Dreaming big

Today, Cowan does legal work, attending court with attorneys and assisting them with reports and summaries. She is also currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Psychology, the field she ultimately hopes to work in.  “When I graduate, I want to go into a career where I can say that this is where I always wanted to be,” she says.

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