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Jennifer Adams, MAED/TED-S '08

Jennifer Adams, MAED/TED-S '08

Meet Jennifer Adams,


Alumna Jennifer Adams didn’t have to think twice about donating her kidney. After hearing her student’s personal essay she wanted to help. "I had no idea she was sick. She didn’t look sick. She had a young daughter and had been on the transplant list for 4 years," said Adams, a teacher at Central New Mexico College. "I thought it’s really tragic how many people are affected by this [kidney disease] and I knew nothing about it." Adams was recognized for her life-saving gift and for her service to improving the lives of New Mexicans, and was presented with the Spirit of New Mexico award by the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce.

"One of my UOPX instructors was a perfect example of the type of caring, kind hearted teacher I wanted to be." – Jennifer Adams, MAED/TED-S '08

A difference maker

Fueled by compassion and her desire to make a difference, Adams got involved with the National Kidney Foundation. She travels around New Mexico teaching about kidney health and disease. She is also organizing a New Mexico kidney walk for May and has already secured the local hospital and dialysis clinic as sponsors. "I'm trying to be so proactive in the community because there isn’t anyone I know who had done it," says Adams.

Right where she needs to be

Adams received a bachelor’s degree in English philosophy but wanted to teach. She heard about University of Phoenix and enrolled in the Master of Arts in Education/Secondary Teacher Education and received a provisional license that enabled her to teach while she was finishing her degree. She graduated in 2008 and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree at Central New Mexico College. "If it weren’t for UOPX, I never would have become a teacher at all and certainly wouldn’t be teaching at a college, where I actually met the student I helped," says Adams. "One of my UOPX instructors was a perfect example of the type of caring, kind hearted teacher I wanted to be."

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