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Maryam Lyon, BSN '07

Maryam Lyon, BSN '07

Meet Maryam Lyon, BSN '07

College of Nursing alumna Maryam Lyon realized that after 20 years in nursing, she wanted to do more. After completing her University of Phoenix® Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree in 2007, she stepped outside her comfort zone to become a board member of the Ohio Board of Nursing to help "protect the public in Ohio."

Giving back

Being a board member was also a way to give back to the nursing profession, and she chose to play an even larger role by running for board president last year. She was elected in November and began her term in January 2015.

"I encourage nurses to become knowledgeable about nursing board operations and to take advantage of opportunities to give to the profession," says Lyon. 

"The benefits are worth the investment." – Maryam Lyon, BSN '07

A new goal

Lyon has also continued her education, and has recently completed her Faculty Certification Course at University of Phoenix. Her aim is to teach online for the University. She encourages anyone considering continuing education to look into online learning.

"The benefits are worth the investment," Lyon says.

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