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Matt Butler, MIS/M '06

Matt Butler, MIS/M '06

Meet Matt Butler,  MIS/M '06

Looking for a fun new lawn game for your outdoor party? Alumnus Matt Butler has just the game for you. A lieutenant colonel serving in the Air Force, Butler thought of the idea for his game, Rollors®, during downtime between missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rollors is a blend of bowling and horseshoes. “To get started, contestants take turns rolling the smooth circular discs and tallying up their points based on how close they come to the goals. Each disc has two different numbers on its sides that are used for calculating points depending on which value is showing when it lands,” says Butler.

"The program helped me better understand the business aspect for the company." – Matt Butler, MIS/M '06

What's next?

Thinking like an entrepreneur, Butler plans to continue developing his company while still serving in the Air Force.  “I will use it as a transition platform for when I retire. I will most likely use my GI Bill to help fund some additional education on business. Specifically entrepreneurship to grow the company,” he says. Rollors is currently available at more than 1,200 retailers nationwide.

Butler graduated from University of Phoenix in 2006 with a master’s degree in information systems management. He says his education played a role in helping him with the business side of starting a company, “The program helped me better understand the business aspect for the company.” To read more about Butler and his company, and to learn more about military entrepreneurs, see “Armed for Success” in Phoenix Patriot magazine

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