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Forever A Phoenix® Scholarship

What is the Forever A Phoenix® Scholarship?

The Forever A Phoenix® Scholarship, created in 2011 in collaboration with our Alumni Association, provides an opportunity for alumni to continue their education by earning a bachelor's or master's degree. This scholarship program does not apply toward a doctoral degree.

Are you eligible to apply for this scholarship?

  • You must have graduated from a University of Phoenix® associate, bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree program, with a posted graduation date of April 1, 2017 (or earlier).
  • You can't be currently enrolled, nor in the process of enrolling, in a subsequent degree program.
  • You can find complete eligibility criteria and apply on the scholarships web page.

When will the scholarship application period open and for how long?

  • Open: Monday, April 3 at 7pm Arizona Time (10pm EDT)*
  • Closes: Once 1,000 scholarship applications have been submitted 
  • Applications will not be accepted after the application period closes.

*Note: Application period will most likely open and close within minutes of opening.

What can you expect when completing the application?

Round 1:

  • Create a scholarship account; if you have applied before you can either reset your password or use a different email address to create a new account.
  • You’ll be asked a series of eligibility questions.
  • If eligible you’ll gain access to the scholarship application to complete several different general information sections about yourself.  There will also be a few acknowledgement sections regarding the scholarship and process.
  • Once all of your sections show 100% complete, click the review button at the top right hand side to review and submit your application.
  • If you are unable to submit, we’ve either received 1,000 applications or not all of your sections are 100% complete. 
  • A note within the scholarship application will appear once 1,000 applications have been reached. You may need to refresh your webpage for the message to show.
  • We will not make any exceptions for applicants that are unable to submit their application within the first 1,000 for any reason including technical difficulties.

*After April 6, 2017, you’ll be able to check if you are one of the top 1,000 qualified applicants.  Visit to log back into the scholarship application. Click on “My applications” at the top left corner.  Then click on “Forever A Phoenix” application.  If your status shows “Finalist” then you will be receiving an email with next steps.

Round 2:

  • Around April 6, 2017, the top 1,000 finalists will receive an email from with instructions on how to access the essay questions and how to submit them.  A follow-up email will come from
  • The finalists will be required to submit their three essays by April 17, 2017.  If a finalist fails to submit their essays within the time designated by the scholarship criteria, such finalist will be disqualified.

How does the selection process happen?

The Scholarship Selection Committee, comprised of representatives from University of Phoenix and its Alumni Association, evaluates the overall quality scholarship essays*. Judging will be based on 1) quality of ideas, 2) voice/style, 3) mechanics, and 4) judge's overall recommendation. The higher the average score, the higher the probability of selection.

*Note: Many people lose a lot of points for not following the essay directions that are clearly stated within the scholarship application..

When will you be notified of the status of your application?

All scholarship finalist will be notified around June 6, 2017, whether or not they were selected for the scholarship. The email will come from Check both your junk and spam folders.

We will post the recipients of the Forever A Phoenix Scholarship will be listed on this page by July 1, 2017. Please see below.

Recipient Name Program level State
Amie A Master's CA
Anthony E Master's CA
Anthony H Master's WI
Benita W Master's IL
Brian C Master's CA
Brian H Master's CA
Brooke R Master's CA
Cristina K Master's CA
Cynthia M Master's NY
Daniel K Master's CA
David J Master's AZ
DeAndre C Master's IL
Emily W Master's CA
Felipe V Master's CA
Huy T Master's TX
Jacob H Master's CA
Jared O Master's UT
Jennifer M Master's KY
Jenny S Master's OK
JR T Master's MN
Kari M Master's OR
Laura C Master's AZ
Maria D Master's LA
Maria D Master's NY
Mark J Master's FL
Melissa S Master's CA
Mornay B Master's TN
Myisha W Master's FL
Natina W Master's MI
Paul B Master's HI
Renn M Master's GA
Rhodan-Matthew O Master's HI
Robbie W Bachelor's MS
Ryan H Master's OR
Sandra D Master's NV
Sandra R Master's PA
Sean H Master's WA
Selina L Bachelor's TN
Tatiana B Master's AZ
Tekulve S Master's TX
Troy B Master's PA
William L Bachelor's TX