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Peter Cohen

University of Phoenix Hits Tremendous Milestone - Its Millionth Alumni

· Published in LinkiedIn by UOPX President, Peter Cohen

In 2016, University of Phoenix celebrated its fortieth anniversary. It was an excellent opportunity for us to reflect on how far we have come in pursuit of our founder Dr. John Sperling’s dream, and how we must also remain true to our vision to be recognized as the most trusted provider of career-relevant higher education for working adults.

This year, the University has hit yet another incredible milestone—we have reached our millionth alumni. This is a remarkable accomplishment for several reasons.

It represents more than a million lives that have been changed for the better by higher education—not just the lives of our graduates themselves, but all of the family members, friends, and loved ones whose lives they have changed and inspired in turn. As students, many were working adults. Many were the first generation in their families to pursue higher education. Many were parents. They came from different circumstances, but all of them overcame their own challenges, whether personal, academic, financial or otherwise, to achieve their dreams.

These million individuals are making a difference throughout our nation. Across every industry, in companies large and small, in businesses that they have started themselves, in government and in service to their communities, Phoenixes are making their mark and are having a tremendous impact on our society.

Our million alumni have also grown into an amazingly far-reaching and supportive network for providing mentorship or offering guidance on career opportunities and professional development. It can be easy for a student to sometimes feel alone on their path to graduation. But the reality is that they not only have the support of close friends and family—they can also rely on the strength of an ever-growing network of fellow Phoenixes dedicated to their continued success post-graduation.

As evidenced by their strong presence in alumni groups on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, our alumni know that they always have a deep well of experience and talent to turn to for the career guidance they are looking for. And we are proud to add to those resources with University of Phoenix’s own recently enhanced PhoenixLink portal, where all Phoenixes can take advantage of networking and connection building, as well as sharing and finding career opportunities.

The journey to a million alumni has been a long road, and it would not have been possible without the incredible efforts of all the University’s faculty and employees over the past several decades. Their dedication and commitment are essential to helping our students succeed and achieve their higher education dreams, and this achievement belongs to them as well. They have been there in the trenches all along, ensuring that our students always have a reliable partner in their professional and personal development.

In reaching this milestone, I am also proud of how we have remained steadfast in our commitment to our mission. A relentless focus on innovation and improvement has helped ensure that our degree programs enable students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals.

We have sought to employ practitioner faculty who work directly in the fields they teach in and have a finger right on the pulse of their industry’s most important skills and trends. We have worked with industry advisory councils to ensure that our instruction reflects their biggest needs and provides our graduates with the skills to meet those needs. And we have partnered with employers, industry groups and organizations to create certificates and programs to meet employee or member needs of partner organizations. All of these efforts have helped ensure that our instruction truly makes an impact on the lives of our alumni and students.

As we celebrate this wonderful occasion in earnest, we are collecting stories and memories from many of our alumni about their unique University of Phoenix experiences. If you or anyone you know is a University of Phoenix alum, I encourage you to share your story here: Our entire team looks forward to hearing new stories about how our alumni have changed their lives through higher education.

This is a moment for us to feel great pride for University of Phoenix. But we will not rest on our laurels or consider our job done. We will head into the future, continuing to support future students as they fulfill their dreams, and growing the University of Phoenix alumni family along the way. Our million alumni would expect nothing less, and I know that we will continue to build upon what it means to be a Phoenix for all of them.