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Hot jobs of 2014

A look at some of the best titles and salaries in the current job market by degree.

Though unemployment rates have been dipping, many economists—and job seekers—still aren’t satisfied with the pace of job growth.

But there’s some bright news in the midst of the stagnant job market: The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that nearly every major occupational group will gain jobs between 2012 and 2022. In fact, BLS expects total employment to increase by 15.6 million jobs in the decade ahead. Factor in job openings created by individuals retiring or leaving their jobs for other reasons, and that number jumps to 50.6 million.

Exactly what’s out there, and do you qualify for those booming positions? Take a look at some of the best-paying jobs of 2014 broken down by minimum education requirement to see what possibilities the future holds.


Job: Registered nurse

Why it’s hot: As the U.S. population ages, more people are living longer and more active lives—many with chronic health conditions that require ongoing care. Others are more focused on preventative medicine, being more proactive with their health and doing what they can to preserve it. Registered nurses who provide patient care and coordinate with other medical professionals play a critical role in helping the healthcare system keep up with demand.

Median salary: $65,470 

Projected growth by 2022: 19 percent

Job: Web developer

Why it’s hot: Mobile devices and ecommerce are mainstream—and here to stay. Web developers design and create the websites that work on these devices and make this modern way of doing business possible. They are responsible for everything from the look and feel of a website to its functionality, elements that vary widely from company to company.

Median salary: $62,500 

Projected growth by 2022: 20 percent

Job: Computer support specialist

Why it’s hot: Computers are ubiquitous and so are computer problems. Computer support specialists, the individuals who answer the phone when you call the IT help desk, are there to help you recover lost documents, install software updates and troubleshoot any number of glitches that are standing in the way of you and your deadlines.

Median salary: $48,900 

Projected growth by 2022: 17 percent


Job: Computer and information systems manager

Why it’s hot: Technology makes the world go around today, and IT departments are found everywhere from small nonprofits to mega-corporations. IT professionals are essential for operating an organization’s computer-related activities, which encompass just about everything.

Median salary: $120,950 

Projected growth by 2022: 15 percent

Job: Marketing manager

Why it’s hot: Emerging markets and innovation will drive the need for advertising, promotions and marketing professionals to help organizations as they work to grow their market share amid increasing competition.

Median salary: Advertising and promotions managers earn $88,590 and marketing managers earn $119,480

Projected growth by 2022: 12 percent

Job: Natural sciences manager

Why it’s hot: Natural scientists study the world around us to help improve our lives. They work in research and development roles, as well as perform in testing, quality control and production positions. Though this field isn’t growing at the same rate as some other areas, natural sciences jobs are necessary for future development, especially as many in the world continue to focus on environmental issues.

Median salary: $115,730

Projected growth by 2022: 6 percent


Job: Mathematician

Why it’s hot: Some people believe they won’t use math when they’re out of school, but for those with the skills, education and interest, careers in mathematics are hot. Mathematicians work with engineers and scientists both in government and the private sector, and they use math to solve real-world problems.

Median salary: $101,360 

Projected growth by 2022: 23 percent

Job: Industrial/organization psychologists

Why it’s hot: These professionals apply psychology principles to businesses, often working with leadership, human resources, sales, marketing and other departments to improve worker productivity and create a stronger organizational structure.

Median salary: $98,800 

Projected growth by 2022: 30 percent plus

Job: Statistician

Why it’s hot: While many may grumble their way through statistics class, these skills are vital to businesses. Number crunchers collect and analyze data to help makes sense of the endless amount of information that computers collect. In turn, companies use these analyses to make predictions, streamline manufacturing processes, ensure quality control and pretty much anything else that will make them do what they do, only better.

Median salary: $75,560

Projected growth by 2022: 27 percent


Job: Computer and information research scientist

Why it’s hot: These big-thinking innovators imagine and invent new ways of computing—and they find additional applications for existing technologies in fields ranging from business to science and medicine, among countless others. As demand for these future-minded professionals increases, it’s becoming harder for employers to find skilled individuals to fill these roles.

Median salary: $102,190

Projected growth by 2022: 15 percent

Jobs: Clinical, counseling and school psychologists

Why it’s hot: Mental health is an important part of our overall well-being, and an increasing awareness of this importance makes it a growing field. Whether they work in a clinical setting, private practice or a school, psychologists study human behavior—cognitive, emotional and social—to help people improve their mental health and their interactions with the world around them.

Median salary: $69,280

Projected growth by 2022: 12 percent

Job: Postsecondary business teacher

Why it’s hot: Though the economy may have its ups and downs, business isn’t going anywhere. As such, there will always be a need for teachers to instruct students on how to run them, as well as conduct research and publish scholarly works on business-related topics.

Median salary: $68,970

Projected growth by 2022: 19 percent

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